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Welcome to uPod

uPod is a full featured podcast player for Android with a beautiful, cover art centric Android 5 design and an inbox concept for easily assorting new episodes. It provides everything you might expect from a podcast player these days including cross device synchronization, audio playback speed control and volume boost, Chromecast and Google Cast for audio support, automatic media handling (download and deletion) and a lot more.

uPod is available for free and as a paid premium version.

Available for free!

The free version comes without ads, spywhere or other nasty stuff. It’s fully featured and brings — among other things — the following:

  • Beatiful, coverart centric, podcast colored user interface
  • Effective inbox workflow for assorting new episodes
  • Audio playback with speed control (requires at least Android 4.1)
  • Audio volume boost (requires at least Android 4.1)
  • Video playback (including audio only option)
  • Support for bluetooth headsets and headset controls
  • Offline show notes
  • Drag-and-drop playlist
  • Automatic download list
  • Resumable downloads
  • Automatic media file cleanup
  • Lock screen and notification playback controls
  • Support for Android Wear (control playback from your watch)
  • Podcast subscription management
  • Discover/search new podcasts
  • OPML import and export
  • Responsive layout (looking great on phone and tablet support)
  • Material design (Lollipop/Android 5)
  • English and German translations

Premium License

The paid version adds the following features:

  • Cloud backup and cross device sync of playback positions, playlist and episode states tied to your Google account
  • Chromecast and Google Cast for audio support
  • Automatic download (e.g. when connected via Wi-FI)
  • Podcast specific settings (e.g. auto add to playlist, only keep only the x latest episodes)
  • up to two specific sync times per day

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