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First Screenshots

Written by sven. Posted in preview

uPod on Phone

Today I am proud to present you the first screen­shots of uPod. This was a long way — much longer than I expect­ed. The prob­lem with design­ing is, that it is main­ly tri­al-and-error and a lot of time con­sum­ing pix­el shift­ing. You start with an idea, but it doesn’t look like you expect­ed it and then you try some­thing else. Each time you have to cre­ate new image assets and adjust the code.

But it was def­i­nite­ly worth the effort. The uPod user inter­face brings a fresh new look and feel which mim­ics the hottest most recent designs like for exam­ple Google’s brand new Play Music app. Fur­ther on it uti­lizes some brand new UI pat­terns like the nav­i­ga­tion draw­er on the left which has been intro­duced just two weeks ago on Google IO 2013 and is now used in Google’s lat­est updates like the new Google Mail app and again Play Music.

The nav­i­ga­tion draw­er is the start­ing point of the app and allows you to select what you want to view. The draw­er can be opened on a phone by tap­ping the app icon in the title bar or by swip­ing it in from the left edge of the screen.

As you can also see on the screen­shots, the app has been designed from the ground up to be respon­sive — mean­ing the screen lay­out opti­mizes itself for the screen size it is run­ning on. For exam­ple on the tablet in land­scape mode the nav­i­ga­tion draw­er is always vis­i­ble and the play­back bar is aligned ver­ti­cal­ly on the right edge.

The pod­cast view makes heavy use of your podcast’s cov­er art. This makes using the app a joy as it looks great and helps you to quick­ly find your way to the episodes you want to access.

I hope you like the results as much as I do.

Stay tuned for fur­ther updates.

uPod on Tablet