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The uPod Workflow

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Inbox vs. Library

All pod­cast play­ers can play pod­casts. Where it comes to dif­fer­ences is how good they sup­port you in han­dling your episodes. This is some­thing where most of the tools I have used in the past are poor. Today I will tell you a lit­tle bit about how uPod sup­ports you here.

I have two kinds of pod­cast sub­scrip­tions: Pod­casts where I lis­ten to (near­ly) each episode they pub­lish and pod­casts where I selec­tive­ly pick only a few episodes. The for­mer one is sup­port­ed well by all play­ers, but the lat­ter case is where it gets tricky. Most of the play­ers are sim­ply mix­ing up episodes I’ve already tak­en a look at and new episodes and there­fore make it near­ly impos­si­ble to judge new episodes and decide whether I plan to lis­ten to them or not.

As shown in the screen­shot on the right, uPod sup­ports you by track­ing two sep­a­rate areas:

  • your inbox and
  • your library.

The library is the place where all the episodes are kept which you plan to lis­ten to. For the pod­casts you love most you can con­fig­ure uPod to put all new episodes direct­ly into the library. All oth­er podcast’s new episodes will go to the inbox first. So it is easy for you to scan through the new episodes and add them selec­tive­ly to the library or to dis­miss them. So to sum­ma­rize: The uPod library only con­tains episodes you plan to lis­ten to. This brings anoth­er inter­est­ing side effect: You do not need to selec­tive­ly down­load episodes — instead you sim­ply can con­fig­ure uPod to ensure that your whole library is always avail­able offline for lis­ten­ing.

Also keep in mind, that the inbox/library stuff isn’t an issue local to your device — instead this sep­a­ra­tion already exists on the uPod serv­er. This allows you to com­fort­ably scan through your new episodes on your tablet when lying on the couch in the evening. And when you pick up your mobile in the morn­ing it is ready to serve you all the great new stuff you’ve select­ed.

For the clos­ing of this arti­cle lets take a look at how easy and com­fort­able it is to scan through your inbox and cat­e­go­rize the episodes. The screen­shot below shows you, that the actions for adding an inbox episode to the library and for dis­miss­ing unin­ter­est­ing episodes (and some oth­er enhanced options like live stream­ing, adding to the playlist and so on) are avail­able in three places:

  1. each episode entry in the inbox list pro­vides actions affect­ing only this episode
  2. the action bar at the top pro­vides the same actions affect­ing all list­ed episodes
  3. you can select one or more episodes by tap­ping their pod­cast image (or tap­ping and hold­ing them) and per­form the actions on all of the select­ed episodes.

This brings you enough flex­i­bil­i­ty to do the stuff the way you want and I hope you like it.
Inbox Actions