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The uPod Workflow

Written by sven. Posted in preview

Inbox vs. Library

All podcast players can play podcasts. Where it comes to differences is how good they support you in handling your episodes. This is something where most of the tools I have used in the past are poor. Today I will tell you a little bit about how uPod supports you here.

I have two kinds of podcast subscriptions: Podcasts where I listen to (nearly) each episode they publish and podcasts where I selectively pick only a few episodes. The former one is supported well by all players, but the latter case is where it gets tricky. Most of the players are simply mixing up episodes I’ve already taken a look at and new episodes and therefore make it nearly impossible to judge new episodes and decide whether I plan to listen to them or not.

As shown in the screenshot on the right, uPod supports you by tracking two separate areas:

  • your inbox and
  • your library.

The library is the place where all the episodes are kept which you plan to listen to. For the podcasts you love most you can configure uPod to put all new episodes directly into the library. All other podcast’s new episodes will go to the inbox first. So it is easy for you to scan through the new episodes and add them selectively to the library or to dismiss them. So to summarize: The uPod library only contains episodes you plan to listen to. This brings another interesting side effect: You do not need to selectively download episodes — instead you simply can configure uPod to ensure that your whole library is always available offline for listening.

Also keep in mind, that the inbox/library stuff isn’t an issue local to your device — instead this separation already exists on the uPod server. This allows you to comfortably scan through your new episodes on your tablet when lying on the couch in the evening. And when you pick up your mobile in the morning it is ready to serve you all the great new stuff you’ve selected.

For the closing of this article lets take a look at how easy and comfortable it is to scan through your inbox and categorize the episodes. The screenshot below shows you, that the actions for adding an inbox episode to the library and for dismissing uninteresting episodes (and some other enhanced options like live streaming, adding to the playlist and so on) are available in three places:

  1. each episode entry in the inbox list provides actions affecting only this episode
  2. the action bar at the top provides the same actions affecting all listed episodes
  3. you can select one or more episodes by tapping their podcast image (or tapping and holding them) and perform the actions on all of the selected episodes.

This brings you enough flexibility to do the stuff the way you want and I hope you like it.
Inbox Actions