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Written by sven. Posted in preview

Today I present you the episode down­load of uPod. In con­trast to oth­er pod­cast play­ers, uPod pro­vides a trans­par­ent mech­a­nism, which clear­ly shows you what will be down­loaded next: The down­load queue (see the first screen­shot at the bot­tom). Like the playlist the down­load queue is an episode list which you can reorder via drag and drop. The cur­rent­ly down­load­ing episode is pinned at the top. If a down­load fails the episode is marked with a red warn­ing sign and is moved to the end of the down­load queue.

But how are episodes added to the playlist? There are two pos­si­bil­i­ties:

  • man­u­al­ly by start­ing an imme­di­ate down­load or by adding it to the queue using the rel­e­vant menu entry or
  • auto­mat­i­cal­ly

For auto­mat­ic addi­tion there are two options in the down­load set­tings (sec­ond screen­shot):

  • Auto­mat­i­cal­ly add playlist episodes: All episodes you put on the playlist will also be added to the down­load queue.
  • Auto­mat­i­cal­ly add library episodes: All your library episodes will also be added to the down­load queue.

Down­load­ing the queue can also be either start­ed man­u­al­ly or auto­mat­i­cal­ly when­ev­er a net­work is avail­able. For the lat­ter case you can spec­i­fy in the set­tings whether only non-metered con­nec­tions (Wifi) should trig­ger an auto­mat­ic down­load. As soon as the con­fig­ured con­nec­tion isn’t avail­able any more the down­load will be sus­pend­ed. The auto­mat­ic down­load will also run when your device is in stand­by. Note: If you man­u­al­ly start a down­load it will always start imme­di­ate­ly — no mat­ter which con­nec­tion is avail­able. If you want the down­load only to hap­pen on your pre­ferred con­nec­tion you should add the episode to the down­load queue instead.

While a down­load is run­ning you will find an infor­ma­tive noti­fi­ca­tion in the sta­tus bar (third screen­shot) show­ing you the down­load progress and the esti­mat­ed remain­ing time. Fur­ther on the noti­fi­ca­tion con­tains a but­ton (on Jel­ly Bean and above) allow­ing you to sus­pend the down­load — it can be resumed lat­er on.

To sum up: If you use the stan­dard set­tings (auto­mat­i­cal­ly add all library episodes and auto­mat­i­cal­ly down­load on Wifi) you will nev­er need to care about your down­loads again — it will sim­ply hap­pen auto­mat­i­cal­ly in the back­ground.

That’s it for today. And here are the promised screen­shots:

Download queueDownload settingsDownload notification

Subscribing to Podcasts

Written by sven. Posted in preview

Until now uPod allowed you to add sub­scrip­tions by import­ing an OPML file. Now you can also flex­i­bly sub­scribe to new pod­casts sim­ply by using your web brows­er: Open your favorite podcast’s web­page, tap on the RSS link and android will pro­vide you the option to open the pod­cast in uPod.

This will bring up infor­ma­tion about the pod­cast and it’s lat­est episodes as shown in the screen­shot below. In this view you can sub­scribe to the pod­cast with one tap. For sub­scribed pod­casts the most recent ten episodes and all upcom­ing episodes are auto­mat­i­cal­ly deliv­ered to your uPod inbox. Or you can add sin­gle episodes to your library even with­out sub­scrib­ing to the pod­cast.

Fur­ther on uPod’s pod­cast view now also allows you to access old­er episodes of your exist­ing pod­casts.

In the next step I plan to imple­ment the down­load queue and the episode down­load.

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