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Version 1.6: Immediate Download Queue

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Immediate upload queue

As a loyal uPod user you already know uPod’s download queue: You can easily add episodes to it and uPod will automatically download all episodes as soon as a Wi-FI connection is available. In most cases all this happens automatically, so that you never need to care about downloads.

But sometimes you may want to listen to the newest episode of your favorite podcast even when on the road. In this case you already have the choice of immediately downloading this episode or directly streaming it. This works fine for just one episode, but if you want to download multiple episodes immediately things are getting unhandy.

This is were the new release jumps in which brings the new immediate download queue: Now you can simply tap the download button for multiple episodes and uPod will download them one after another. You can find all queued immediate downloads at the top of the “Download queue” section. You can see that an episode is queued for immediate download due to it’s animated progress bar. For example this post’s screenshot shows one episode downloading and two scheduled for immediate download. For the other episodes in the screenshot the well known download queue rules apply. Simply try it out — it’s simple and intuitive!

Additionally this release allows you to request a rescan of a podcast for new episodes. Normally this isn’t necessary as uPod recognizes new episodes automatically, but in some rare cases uPod misses those updates for example due to faulty RSS. Please only use the new action if you know that new are episodes available for a podcast which are not showing up in uPod.

Promotion: Free License for uPod Fans

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Did you miss the easter special for a discounted uPod license? No problem. If you love uPod here is your chance to even get a license for free! All you need to do is give a five star rating for uPod at Google play and tell others what you love about uPod.

Interested? OK, so here are the details:

  1. write a five star review for uPod trial at Google play (for example tell others why you prefer uPod about other podcast players)
  2. fill out the request form
  3. enjoy unlimited playback

If you make one of the first 50 valid submissions and fill out the form until Sunday (April 27), a free license will be issued for you. As I need to manually process the submissions it may take some time until you receive an answer.

Of course you should only use this promotion if you think uPod is worth the five stars!

Easter Special: 50% discount and doubled free Playback Contingent

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The Easter holidays are right in front of us and this does also mean more time for listening/watching your favorite podcasts. That’s why I’ve released version 1.5 which doubles the free playback contingent to four hours per month. And if this still isn’t enough for you, then now is the time to go and get the uPod license: For a limited time it’s available for half the price — at only EUR 1.65.

BTW: Please don’t forget to rate/review uPod if you haven’t done already. At the moment we need each positive rating.

Here is the full list of changes for version 1.5:

  • increased free monthly playback contingent of four hours
  • “My podcasts” now also lists the episodes in your library
  • podcast search view keeps it’s scroll position
  • OPML import natively accepts XML MIME type
  • better episode list performance
  • tons of bug fixes

Version 1.4

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Today I’ve released uPod 1.4. Thanks to Daniel Pluta the latest release brings a Polish translation. Further on it provides new synchronization settings which give you the possibility to better control the sync to — for example — reduce mobile data usage. One of the new options allows you to restrict the sync to Wi-FI connections.

Here is the full change log:

  • Polish translation
  • sync preferences to better control data usage
  • smoother coverart load in lists
  • up navigation for playback screen

Happy listening!