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Better Media Control from your Bluetooth Headset

Written by sven. Posted in features, releases

Most bluetooth headsets provide a pause/play button and a skip and a back button to move between music tracks. Often holding down these buttons performs a fast forward/rewind. For podcasts jumping back and forth a defined time period (e.g. 30 seconds) within the current episode is the most important use case using the headset controls (besides toggling play and pause). This is why uPod provides since its first version an option to swap the meaning of headset control buttons, so that the skip and back buttons do a fixed time back/forth jump within the episode. You can configure this in uPod’s playback settings.

In older versions of android it was then possible to tap and hold your headset’s skip button to skip the episode in uPod. Unfortunately this isn’t working in newer versions anymore (don’t have clue why — if you find out please let me know). So the possibility to skip to the next episode was effectively lost.

That’s why the new uPod version 2.1 brings a new playback setting: If you configured your skip button to do a fast forward instead and you enable the new double click option, then double clicking your headset’s skip button will bring you to the next episode on the playlist. Unfortunately even this isn’t completely flawless: If you make the double click to fast the second button event will be filtered out by android or the headset. Try it out and let me know whether you like it.