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Better Media Control from your Bluetooth Headset

Written by sven. Posted in features, releases

Most blue­tooth head­sets pro­vide a pause/play but­ton and a skip and a back but­ton to move between music tracks. Often hold­ing down these but­tons per­forms a fast forward/rewind. For pod­casts jump­ing back and forth a defined time peri­od (e.g. 30 sec­onds) with­in the cur­rent episode is the most impor­tant use case using the head­set con­trols (besides tog­gling play and pause). This is why uPod pro­vides since its first ver­sion an option to swap the mean­ing of head­set con­trol but­tons, so that the skip and back but­tons do a fixed time back/forth jump with­in the episode. You can con­fig­ure this in uPod’s play­back set­tings.

In old­er ver­sions of android it was then pos­si­ble to tap and hold your headset’s skip but­ton to skip the episode in uPod. Unfor­tu­nate­ly this isn’t work­ing in new­er ver­sions any­more (don’t have clue why — if you find out please let me know). So the pos­si­bil­i­ty to skip to the next episode was effec­tive­ly lost.

That’s why the new uPod ver­sion 2.1 brings a new play­back set­ting: If you con­fig­ured your skip but­ton to do a fast for­ward instead and you enable the new dou­ble click option, then dou­ble click­ing your headset’s skip but­ton will bring you to the next episode on the playlist. Unfor­tu­nate­ly even this isn’t com­plete­ly flaw­less: If you make the dou­ble click to fast the sec­ond but­ton event will be fil­tered out by android or the head­set. Try it out and let me know whether you like it.