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Android Wear

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Android Wear

Announced on this years Google I/O, Android wear is Google’s lat­est clou. Two already avail­able smart watch­es from LG and Sam­sung are bring­ing Android to your wrist and the announced Moto 360 will be the first round Android wear device and looks real­ly hot.

If you are an ear­ly adapter you will be hap­py to hear that uPod ful­ly sup­ports Android wear: The cur­rent­ly play­ing episode is dis­played with cov­er­art on your watch. You can eas­i­ly tog­gle between play and pause right from your wrist. Swip­ing to the left pro­vides you a big skip but­ton. So hap­py lis­ten­ing is guar­an­teed even if your smart­phone is stuck in the depths of your pock­et.

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