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Android Lollipop

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Now it’s offi­cial: Yes­ter­day Google unveiled that »Android L« becomes »Android Lol­lipop« aka »Android 5«. I am already look­ing for­ward to it arriv­ing on my Nexus 5 and (hope­ful­ly) Nexus 10. Prob­a­bly the biggest visu­al change of Lol­lipop is the new mate­r­i­al design which looks real­ly awe­some.

As most of you know I am already work­ing on mate­r­i­al design sup­port in uPod and I am con­fi­dent to release it until the end of this year. Most of the design changes will also be avail­able on Android 4.x — but this’ll depend on Google’s com­pat­i­bil­i­ty sup­port. I will know more about this tomor­row when Google releas­es the new soft­ward devel­op­ment kit (SDK).

Stay tuned!

Sync Issues solved

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You may have noticed that dur­ing the last to days you haven’t received any new episodes and that the cross device sync wasn’t work­ing. This was due to an issue with the Google authen­ti­ca­tion on uPod’s serv­er side. In the mean­while I’ve solved this prob­lem sim­ply by updat­ing a Google library. So from now on you should receive new episode noti­fi­ca­tions again. If you are miss­ing some episodes sim­ply per­form a man­u­al sync once.

Fur­ther on those of you who have a lot of pod­cast sub­scrip­tions may have noticed that uPod has become much more sta­ble regard­ing the recog­ni­tion of new episodes. Until this sum­mer uPod missed a lot of pod­cast updates, but now it gets all of them reli­able. Thanks to all of you who point­ed me into the right direc­tion and helped me to solve these issues.

Podcast Colors

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Podcast Colors

Since Google announced mate­r­i­al design on Google IO 2014 which — as the suc­ces­sor of the Holo design — will be the new default style on Android L, I am work­ing on mov­ing uPod towards this great new design lan­guage. One aspect of the new design are vibrant col­ors. One impor­tant step to employ mate­r­i­al design in uPod has now been tak­en: uPod extracts a key col­or for a pod­cast from it’s cov­er­art and applies this col­or in the user inter­face where ever it is use­ful. This doesn’t only look stun­ning as you can see from the screen­shot above, but it also helps you to quick­ly gath­er the pod­cast con­text you’re in. The screen­shot above shows you only one usage of the pod­cast col­ors, but you will find them in dif­fer­ent places in the user inter­face once the new ver­sion is released.

For pod­casts which do not bring a cov­er­art, uPod gen­er­ates a unique one which is con­stant across all devices and con­sists of a vibrant col­or and the most impor­tant char­ac­ters from the podcast’s title. This makes it much more eas­i­er to quick­ly rec­og­nize pod­casts in con­trast to the sim­ple grey place­hold­er image used today in uPod.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly you still need to be a lit­tle bit patient before you can see this great new fea­ture on your device, but I will keep you updat­ed of the progress of uPod’s adap­tion of mate­r­i­al design.