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Android Lollipop

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Now it’s official: Yesterday Google unveiled that “Android L” becomes “Android Lollipop” aka “Android 5”. I am already looking forward to it arriving on my Nexus 5 and (hopefully) Nexus 10. Probably the biggest visual change of Lollipop is the new material design which looks really awesome.

As most of you know I am already working on material design support in uPod and I am confident to release it until the end of this year. Most of the design changes will also be available on Android 4.x — but this’ll depend on Google’s compatibility support. I will know more about this tomorrow when Google releases the new softward development kit (SDK).

Stay tuned!

Sync Issues solved

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You may have noticed that during the last to days you haven’t received any new episodes and that the cross device sync wasn’t working. This was due to an issue with the Google authentication on uPod’s server side. In the meanwhile I’ve solved this problem simply by updating a Google library. So from now on you should receive new episode notifications again. If you are missing some episodes simply perform a manual sync once.

Further on those of you who have a lot of podcast subscriptions may have noticed that uPod has become much more stable regarding the recognition of new episodes. Until this summer uPod missed a lot of podcast updates, but now it gets all of them reliable. Thanks to all of you who pointed me into the right direction and helped me to solve these issues.

Podcast Colors

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Since Google announced material design on Google IO 2014 which — as the successor of the Holo design — will be the new default style on Android L, I am working on moving uPod towards this great new design language. One aspect of the new design are vibrant colors. One important step to employ material design in uPod has now been taken: uPod extracts a key color for a podcast from it’s coverart and applies this color in the user interface where ever it is useful. This doesn’t only look stunning as you can see from the screenshot above, but it also helps you to quickly gather the podcast context you’re in. The screenshot above shows you only one usage of the podcast colors, but you will find them in different places in the user interface once the new version is released.

For podcasts which do not bring a coverart, uPod generates a unique one which is constant across all devices and consists of a vibrant color and the most important characters from the podcast’s title. This makes it much more easier to quickly recognize podcasts in contrast to the simple grey placeholder image used today in uPod.

Unfortunately you still need to be a little bit patient before you can see this great new feature on your device, but I will keep you updated of the progress of uPod’s adaption of material design.