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Today I am really proud to present you the new uPod design. I’ve fully converted the user interface to Lollipop’s material design. This includes new icons all over the place, vibrant colors, floating action buttons, parallax scrolling, adjusted typography, adjusted navigation and a lot more. In conjunction with the podcast color extraction mentioned before this brings the use experience to a new level. And all of the non-Lollipop users among you might be happy to hear, that the new design is also available on Android 4.x. It’s really surprising how old fashioned uPod’s previous holo design looks once you’ve got used to the new one.

Exclusive to Lollipop are the new playback notifications which not only apply the podcast colors but also provide the jump back/forward and pause/play actions even when collapsed. In expanded mode (swipe down on a collapsed notification to expand it) it provides all five available playback actions.

As always images are worth more than a thousand words. So enjoy the following screenshots or simply go ahead and update to the latest version at Google play to see it live on your device.

And please don’t forget to rate uPod if you like the new design.

Navigation Drawer Podcast List
Play List Podcast Details Playback Notification Playback Notification Show Notes