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Today I am real­ly proud to present you the new uPod design. I’ve ful­ly con­vert­ed the user inter­face to Lollipop’s mate­r­i­al design. This includes new icons all over the place, vibrant col­ors, float­ing action but­tons, par­al­lax scrolling, adjust­ed typog­ra­phy, adjust­ed nav­i­ga­tion and a lot more. In con­junc­tion with the pod­cast col­or extrac­tion men­tioned before this brings the use expe­ri­ence to a new lev­el. And all of the non-Lol­lipop users among you might be hap­py to hear, that the new design is also avail­able on Android 4.x. It’s real­ly sur­pris­ing how old fash­ioned uPod’s pre­vi­ous holo design looks once you’ve got used to the new one.

Exclu­sive to Lol­lipop are the new play­back noti­fi­ca­tions which not only apply the pod­cast col­ors but also pro­vide the jump back/forward and pause/play actions even when col­lapsed. In expand­ed mode (swipe down on a col­lapsed noti­fi­ca­tion to expand it) it pro­vides all five avail­able play­back actions.

As always images are worth more than a thou­sand words. So enjoy the fol­low­ing screen­shots or sim­ply go ahead and update to the lat­est ver­sion at Google play to see it live on your device.

And please don’t for­get to rate uPod if you like the new design.

Navigation Drawer Podcast List
Play List Podcast Details Playback Notification Playback Notification Show Notes