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The Future of uPod is safe!

Written by sven. Posted in announcement

By the end of Jan­u­ary I’ve post­ed an announce­ment that uPod is about to become open source. As the res­o­nance was very restrained it quick­ly became clear, that ful­fill­ing that plan would effec­tive­ly kill uPod, as there would be no devel­op­ers to main­tain and fur­ther devel­op it. But as some of you and I myself still love uPod killing it wasn’t real­ly an option. That’s the rea­son why I decid­ed to go on devel­op­ing uPod — even if my free time is rare. Sor­ry for all the con­fu­sion.

Since the begin­ning of Feb­ru­ary I am now work­ing on uPod 4. Its main goal is to reduce the serv­er costs, so that it is no more essen­tial for me to sell a spe­cif­ic num­ber of licens­es per month just to get the servers paid. This is solved by mov­ing most of the pod­cast pars­ing and sync­ing log­ic from the serv­er into the client.

Mak­ing the serv­er usage an option­al fea­ture will make it pos­si­ble to pub­lish uPod 4 as a »freemi­um« app: The free ver­sion will no longer be a tri­al but a full fea­tured free pod­cast play­er! The paid pre­mi­um license will add some enhanced fea­tures like e.g. the cur­rent cross device sync, chrome­cast sup­port and the auto­mat­ic down­load. Your cur­rent uPod license will be auto­mat­i­cal­ly migrat­ed to uPod pre­mi­um — so if you’ve already paid for it you wont be charged again. Mak­ing uPod free should also help to increase its vis­i­bil­i­ty.

I hope you like these news. More infor­ma­tion will be pub­lished as soon as uPod 4 goes into beta test.