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Extensive Podcast Catalog

Written by sven. Posted in features

Did you also already had the sit­u­a­tion that you searched for a pod­cast in uPod didn’t find it? Though uPod also pro­vides sim­ple ways to add pod­casts for exam­ple from your mobile brows­er (sim­ply share the URL with uPod), this always needs a switch to anoth­er app. These days are gone now: I’ve just pub­lished a new release which brings a new, exten­sive pod­cast cat­a­log. Browse the most pop­u­lar pod­casts for your coun­try by cat­e­go­ry or search for titles and key­words in more than 250,000 pod­casts. I’m sure you will always find some­thing to fill your playlist with!

Playback Speed and Gain Control

Written by sven. Posted in releases

I have good and bad news. Bad news first: All uPod users who are on Android 4.0.x (ICS) will no longer be able to use play­back speed con­trol for audio episodes as uPod no longer sup­ports 3rd par­ty apps for play­back con­trol. The good news: All users on Android 4.1 (Jelly­Bean) and above ben­e­fit from the new inte­grat­ed play­back speed con­trol!

Yes, you no longer need to install an insta­ble, bat­tery suck­ing 3rd par­ty app to con­trol the play­back speed of your audio pod­casts. uPod has it inte­grat­ed now (includ­ing insta­bil­i­ty and bat­tery suck­ing). Because it’s a new fea­ture I’ve marked it as exper­i­men­tal and dis­abled it by default. To use it you need to switch from the default »Android Play­er« in uPod’s play­back set­tings to the exper­i­men­tal new »Son­ic Play­er«.

As a bonus the new Son­ic play­er brings anoth­er fea­ture which — for me — is even more use­ful than speed con­trol: Vol­ume gain. Do you also know the sit­u­a­tion where you try to lis­ten to an episode with low record­ing lev­els in a noisy envi­ron­ment and though you’ve set the vol­ume to the max­i­mum the stuff isn’t loud enough? Con­sid­er this solved! The new inte­grat­ed vol­ume gain con­trol increas­es the lev­el of the audio file (the max­i­mum ampli­tude) and can make play­back way loud­er! Nat­u­ral­ly this fea­ture has it’s lim­its: If you try too high gains you will get sound arti­facts. Sim­ply try it out — it’s awe­some!

The price con­scious users among you might be hap­py to hear that both fea­tures are avail­able in the free ver­sion!

Here is the full list of changes for uPod 4.1:

  • Inte­grat­ed audio speed con­trol
  • Inte­grat­ed vol­ume gain con­trol
  • New option to auto­mat­i­cal­ly down­load »New episodes and episodes saved for lat­er«
  • Episodes added auto­mat­i­cal­ly to the playlist can keep their »New« state now
  • Tons of bug fix­es (many thanks to Peter Hard­man who helped me to fixed two extreme­ly hairy ones)

Playback speed controlVolume gain