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uPod 4.4

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Until now uPod used the episode’s download URL to uniquely identify an episode. For some podcasts this resulted in false new episodes, meaning that episodes appeared as new though you’ve already marked them as finished. This was the case, whenever the podcast publisher updated the podcast feed and the download URL of old episodes changed.

Starting with uPod 4.4 episodes are identified by their GUID (global unique identifier), if the publisher assigns one and if the GUID is unique within the feed (which — unfortunately — isn’t the case for all feeds). So episodes should no longer appear as new if you’ve already marked them as finished.

This was a quite heavy change and the upgrade from the old mechanism to the new one is a little bit tricky — especially in conjunction with the cloud sync. That’s why — once you’ve updated your first device — your other devices still running version 4.3 or earlier will not be synchronized with your uPod cloud data, until you also update them.

Further on the new version brings a wizard when starting uPod after the installation which easily allows you to restore your data from the uPod cloud if you are a premium user. So migrating to new devices is easier now.

And finally I’ve fixed the sync of the podcast volume gain settings which has been reset to 0dB in previous releases.

Happy listening!