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uPod loves Marshmallows

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By the end of Sep­tem­ber Google released Android 6 aka »Marsh­mal­low«. Besides the new doze mode — which is a huge bat­tery saver — and a lot of oth­er nifty stuff Google com­plete­ly revised Android’s per­mis­sion sys­tem: Instead of forc­ing the user to acknowl­edge a bunch of detailed per­mis­sions upfront while installing the app, instal­la­tion and update now pass silent­ly and the apps requests the per­mis­sions in the moment they are required for the first time. To make this work the app needs to be build native­ly for Android 6.

The newest release of uPod — ver­sion 4.5 — does exact­ly this. And the best thing: I’ve over­worked uPod’s per­mis­sions, so that it doesn’t con­tain any crit­i­cal once at all. So when you install uPod on Marsh­mal­low you won’t be asked to acknowl­edge a sin­gle per­mis­sion — not dur­ing instal­la­tion and also not lat­er on.

Besides native Marsh­mal­low sup­port uPod 4.5 brings the fol­low­ing changes:

  • When sub­scrib­ing to a pod­cast only the lat­est episode is deliv­ered to your »New«-section (instead of all episodes like before).
  • When stream­ing an episode, the down­load noti­fi­ca­tion in the sta­tus bar is no longer vis­i­ble.
  • The drag han­dle in the play list has been updat­ed to more clear­ly state it’s pur­pose.

uPod presentation from Podlover Podcaster Workshop on youTube

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On Fri­day and Sat­ur­day I’ve joined the 6th Podlove Pod­caster Work­shopt 2015b in Berlin in the rooms of Wiki­me­dia Ger­many and enjoyed two days full of dis­cus­sion relat­ed to pod­cast pro­duc­tion and con­sume. Yes­ter­day I took the chance to present uPod. Though there were main­ly active pod­cast­ers in the audi­ence I’ve received a lot of pos­i­tive res­o­nance. Thanks for this and all the valu­able feed­back.

View my Ger­man 15 minute pre­sen­ta­tion on youTube: