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New Playback View

Written by sven. Posted in releases

New playback view

The lat­est uPod release brings a brand new play­back view which focus­es even more on the podcast’s col­ors and makes room for addi­tion­al play­back con­trols planned for future releas­es. Access­ing the show notes from the play­back view is a joy now: Tap on the show notes but­ton in the bot­tom bar and they will slide up from the bot­tom (see screen­shot below). Swipe them up to fill the screen. Swipe them down to dis­miss them.

Sliding Show Notes

Some users com­plained about a change in the pre­vi­ous release where only the lat­est episode of a pod­cast is added to the »New« sec­tion, when sub­scrib­ing to the pod­cast. This requires a lot of man­u­al work to save all of a podcast’s episodes for lat­er. That’s why I intro­duce a new action to save all unfin­ished episodes of a pod­cast for lat­er. You can find it in the action menu when view­ing the episodes of a pod­cast.

And for those who want to clean up there device’s stor­age I’ve intro­duced an action to imme­di­ate­ly delete all episodes list­ed in the »Recent­ly fin­ished« sec­tion.

Here is the full change log:

  • New play­back view with more col­or and slid­ing show notes
  • Vol­ume gain indi­ca­tor shows cur­rent gain
  • Action to delete all recent­ly fin­ished episode down­loads
  • Menu action with­in a pod­cast to save all unfin­ished episodes for lat­er
  • New icons for play list and down­load list