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Another new Playback View

Written by sven. Posted in releases

The last update brought a new play­back view. Though the visu­al update was wel­come by most of you, some had com­plaints regard­ing the arrange­ment of the play­back con­trols and the fact that show notes were pro­vid­ed using a bot­tom sheet:

  • The new arrange­ment of the con­trols in the play­back view caused acci­den­tal clicks on the seek bar and thus unwant­ed posi­tion changes dur­ing play­back.
  • Pro­vid­ing show notes as a bot­tom sheet made id impos­si­ble to view the show notes and con­trol the play­back at the same time what is an impor­tant use case for some of you.

Thanks to all of those who shared their thoughts!

That’s why I have again over­worked the play­back view in uPod 4.7: The seek bar is placed above the play­back con­trols again now to get it out of the way and avoid acci­den­tal taps. The show notes have got their own brand new play­back view which pro­vides a lot of space for the notes and a full play­back bar includ­ing seek but­ton and a seek bar at the bot­tom. I hope you enjoy the new view as much as I do.

As a bonus uPod 4.7 brings episode counter bub­bles in the »My pod­casts« grid view show­ing the num­ber of unfin­ished episodes for each pod­cast.
New playback viewPlayback show notes