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Another new Playback View

Written by sven. Posted in releases

The last update brought a new playback view. Though the visual update was welcome by most of you, some had complaints regarding the arrangement of the playback controls and the fact that show notes were provided using a bottom sheet:

  • The new arrangement of the controls in the playback view caused accidental clicks on the seek bar and thus unwanted position changes during playback.
  • Providing show notes as a bottom sheet made id impossible to view the show notes and control the playback at the same time what is an important use case for some of you.

Thanks to all of those who shared their thoughts!

That’s why I have again overworked the playback view in uPod 4.7: The seek bar is placed above the playback controls again now to get it out of the way and avoid accidental taps. The show notes have got their own brand new playback view which provides a lot of space for the notes and a full playback bar including seek button and a seek bar at the bottom. I hope you enjoy the new view as much as I do.

As a bonus uPod 4.7 brings episode counter bubbles in the “My podcasts” grid view showing the number of unfinished episodes for each podcast.
New playback viewPlayback show notes