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Falling asleep with uPod…

Written by sven. Posted in features, releases

Are you falling asleep while lis­ten­ing to your pod­casts? Regard­ing the fact, that the sleep timer was on rank four of the most request­ed fea­tures on uPod’s sup­port site this seems to be a com­mon prob­lem among pod­cast lis­ten­ers. If this is the case for you, I sug­gest that you think about whether you are lis­ten­ing to the right pod­casts. If you are sure this is already the case, then you might be hap­py to read that uPod 5.1 Pre­mi­um final­ly brings a sleep timer.

But a sleep timer not only helps you to avoid miss­ing too much con­tent when falling asleep. It also gives you a pos­si­bil­i­ty to auto­mat­i­cal­ly let you know when your work­out or your lunch break is over and it gives you an easy option to fin­ish play­back at the next sens­ful break posi­tion (end of chap­ter or episode).

To acti­vate the sleep timer sim­ply bring up uPod’s play­back screen eighter by tap­ping the play­back bar inside uPod or the play­back noti­fi­ca­tion from Android’s sta­tus bar. If you are a user of the pre­mi­um ver­sion, you will find a new sleep timer icon in the low­er right of the play­back screen while a play­back is run­ning. Sim­ply tap it and pick one of the three options from the menu (see screen­shot above):

  1. Stop at end of chap­ter
  2. Stop at end of episode
  3. Sleep timer

After­wards the sleep timer icon will be shown »active« and a text besides it indi­cates the cur­rent mode: »Chap­ter«, »Episode« or the remain­ing time of the timer (see screen­shot below).

I am always try­ing to pro­vide an out­stand­ing usabil­i­ty in uPod. Input of the desired timer val­ue is one such cas­es: Oth­er play­ers let you scroll through huge lists of dura­tions with an accu­ra­cy of five min­utes or more. Due to an effec­tive timer input con­trol (sim­i­lar to the one of Lollipop’s stock timer app) you can quick­ly enter any timer val­ue you want in uPod with an accu­ra­cy of a sin­gle sec­ond with just a few taps. For those devel­op­er who want to raise the usabil­i­ty of their app to the same lev­el, I’ve open sourced the timer dura­tion pick­er on GitHub.

Hap­py sleep­ing!