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Google Drive Sync for premium and automatic Download for all Users

Written by sven. Posted in releases

For users of the pre­mi­um ver­sion this release brings a big change: Instead of my own servers this ver­sion uses Google Dri­ve for syn­chro­niz­ing your uPod devices. Not only is the sync faster, but also the Google servers are a bit (just a tiny bit) more reli­able than the sin­gle serv­er I’ve used before. So there will be less down­time. You won’t notice any changes, as uPod behaves the same way as before — only on the first start you will need to grant uPod the required per­mis­sions to access your Google Dri­ve account. And you should quick­ly update all of your devices as they’ll run out of sync oth­er­wise when one will sync against the old­er serv­er and oth­ers against Google Dri­ve.

For users of the free ver­sion I have a lit­tle present: A fea­ture which was exclu­sive to the pre­mi­um ver­sion is now avail­able to all of you and that will make your live with uPod even eas­iere. It is the full auto­mat­ic down­load. Already before you could con­fig­ure which episodes should be added to the down­load queue auto­mat­i­cal­ly, but with ver­sion 6 uPod will now auto­mat­i­cal­ly down­load all episodes from the queue when­ev­er a WiFi con­nec­tion is avail­able.

And for all of you there are some oth­er new fea­tures:

  • uPod now uses Android’s job sched­ul­ing API when run­ning on Android 5 or above. This might result in less accu­rate sched­ul­ing for tasks like auto­mat­ic sync and down­load, but helps Android to save bat­tery.
  • I’ve restruc­tured the nav­i­ga­tion draw­er on the left to more clear­ly show what’s the scope of the Saved for Lat­er sec­tion.
  • Lists with epi­does from mul­ti­ple pod­casts (like the playlist) no longer use the pod­cast col­or for the episodes’ progress bar, but uPod’s key col­or instead, to make the UI less gaudy.
  • I’ve increased the drag and drop speed when mov­ing episodes around in the playlist or the down­load queue.

Fur­ther on a lot of bugs have been fixed.

Have fun!