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Google Drive Sync for premium and automatic Download for all Users

Written by sven. Posted in releases

For users of the premium version this release brings a big change: Instead of my own servers this version uses Google Drive for synchronizing your uPod devices. Not only is the sync faster, but also the Google servers are a bit (just a tiny bit) more reliable than the single server I’ve used before. So there will be less downtime. You won’t notice any changes, as uPod behaves the same way as before — only on the first start you will need to grant uPod the required permissions to access your Google Drive account. And you should quickly update all of your devices as they’ll run out of sync otherwise when one will sync against the older server and others against Google Drive.

For users of the free version I have a little present: A feature which was exclusive to the premium version is now available to all of you and that will make your live with uPod even easiere. It is the full automatic download. Already before you could configure which episodes should be added to the download queue automatically, but with version 6 uPod will now automatically download all episodes from the queue whenever a WiFi connection is available.

And for all of you there are some other new features:

  • uPod now uses Android’s job scheduling API when running on Android 5 or above. This might result in less accurate scheduling for tasks like automatic sync and download, but helps Android to save battery.
  • I’ve restructured the navigation drawer on the left to more clearly show what’s the scope of the Saved for Later section.
  • Lists with epidoes from multiple podcasts (like the playlist) no longer use the podcast color for the episodes’ progress bar, but uPod’s key color instead, to make the UI less gaudy.
  • I’ve increased the drag and drop speed when moving episodes around in the playlist or the download queue.

Further on a lot of bugs have been fixed.

Have fun!