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Usable for auto, home and transistor radios. Not bad for one hour’s work. An understanding of the long range benefits of amateur radio is gradually be- coming more evident in many countries.

The cost of a dtasheet AM modulator for a kilowatt rig could be prohibitive for a fellow with a thin pocketbook. With a properly operating FM system of transmitter and receiver, and a signal within the limiting range of the receiver, there are many advantages available that can be ob- tained vnth either the AM or SSB mode of op- eration. See The November issue of 73 for the new rules of submitting less than multiples of for your Honor Roll listing. Total Weight 5 lbs.

As this is an untimed circuit, no tuning controk are provided or required; to change frequen- cies, simply plug in the appropriate crystal 2m3643 you Ve got it made. In this manner you can trace the pipe or water stream all the way across your property.

Also, do not tap too near the product detector, for this will inh’oduce a strong BFO signal which may override the desired signals in the outboard receiver. That which she had to offer the world, her youth and beauty, were still highly negotiable assets, and if her husband didn’t appreciate these qual- ities, here was one man who obvionslv did. World’s smallest HF Transmitter?

Receivers should be aligned at least every two years. He’d tune up the transmitter datasjeet high power. Smooth 6 to I reduction planatery tuning. Ob- viously while the watts is not to be taken lightly, it is obvious that when you get into the high gain antennas, squeezing out one more dB is a very much worth while thing. The winner was awarded a sil- ver penguin which was paid for by the “residents” dztasheet Little America.


Custom made planetary drives, ma- chined to extremely cfose tolerance, provide velvet smooth tuning.


If the QSL manager is going to do all the work he shouldn’t be obliged to foot the bill as well DX stations realize this and make elaborate preparations to reimburse expenditures. The dagasheet is presently using the above svstem with a Drake 2B receiver and an Eico transceiver. I watt, uses 22 sub-min. The rig The basic aim hi this gambit is to ap- pear to do a slightly better job than the other feUow.

Read the new rules in the November issue very carefully and start send- ing in those “extra” cards for our Honor Roll In the W T W we have a good thing and I suggest you all jump In, the waters fine! It may be worth your time, if the water pipe is not too deep, to dig down and fas- ten a ground clamp on the pipe directly be- low that new vertical antenna location. The battery operation in Fig. Then you have to go back to the reverse side and get the informa- tion.

Fill out both sides of card. Then I start seeing if their information fits the logs.

2N Central Semiconductor, 2N Datasheet

The problem is often 2m3643 by the use of a keying relay. It has proved so successful that it has been published for general use. It also speeds up delivery of Dstasheet cards to those who impatiently want them for certain awards. Hints and circuits can be found in the ARRL handbook in the chapter on specialized com- munication systems.

When light Is blocked relay closes. Ddatasheet a for r. Now that you have mastered the art of witcliing, suppose we get back to the orig- inal purpose of this article, which I remem- ber was to try and find a more favorable location for your radials or to find a wet- earth groimd. If you have a similar real estate problem, try this antenna. I have been successful in circumventing this waiting, knowing that many DXers are impatient for their cards.

Usually the DX station is one to whom you speak frequently or one to whom you have a consistently good signal so that you can maiulain a regular schedule with him. This latter may be omitted if you like; it is simply connected across the key and serves to keep the circuit oscillating should you want both hands free to set spot 18 73 MAGAZINE DB — A Curious Animal One of the most talked about, and least understood, facts of radio, is that of dB gain.


Transmitter Head I ea. It was a good standby antenna and great for field day, but it just wasn’t made to handle high power. During key down conditions, the switch- datasneet transistor will be operating at high cur- rents, but the terminal voltage wiU be very low so that the collector power dissipation will be less 2n643 half a watt.

The isolation readings obtained at first are listed below for MHz.

The next project, if you want to call it that, was a two-meter band edge marker, A single transistor tripled with a timed out- put at MHz was link coupled to the OX oscillator— in about ten minutes I had a crystul controlled dataseet. She was happy— the shack was clean and orderly— but somehow things wernt the same. Using a little ingenuity, the cell assignments can be made so that all normal patching is done using looping plugs, keeping patch cords to a minimum.

Operation “Baby Face” with phota of new bom baby. Note that it says ideas.

Most of the writers try to liide tlieir envy and appreci- ation behind some accusation such as ‘Tcook” and “jerk. A crystal oscillator and buffer plus a Schmitt trigger to drive the flip-flops will raise the current some more. Any antenna relay should have more than 60 dB of attenuation between the send and re- ceive positions. Virtually every apartment-ham shack is different.

For descriptive literature, write: If, in my judgment, it is suitable for 73, I will write you a letter accepting it and telling you how much your payment will be.