Widely acclaimed as the best one-volume survey text available, A History of Russia presents the whole span of Russia’s history, from the origins of the Kievan . Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky (December 21, – May 14, ) was a professor at the University of California, Berkeley and the author of numerous books on Russian history and European intellectual history. A History of Russia Nicholas Riasanovsky; The Romanovs: Autocrats of All the Russias W. Bruce Lincoln; Twentieth Century Russia Donald W. Treadgold;.

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This was very helpful in following the developments of Russian thought and society and in conducting additional research. A good source for quick facts and a general scope histogy Russia, but not that great for a close look at any particular ruler. A country with beautiful architecture, with fairy-tale churches like the one at Kizhi Pogost 37 meters of indescribable beauty, 22 domes reaching out for the sky, built of wood and without using a single nail or the famous and strikingly beautiful St.

Churchill and the Dardanelles Christopher M. This is probably the best history “textbook” I’ve ever read.

The book is also plagued by a oof number of spelling mistakes and strange grammar, which occasionally makes the narrative difficult to follow. Russia’s history no doubt indeed is very complicated and uncertain. Other strengths include its political history, its discussion of historiographical debates, and its attempt to combine political, cultural, economic, and social history.

Basil Cathedral in Moscow and also with beautiful examples of Soviet architecture: A very broad look at Russia’s History. I ruasia have it, I love it that much.

I would actually give this book two ratings. I hope to find something a little more current to round out the view. Frequent reference is made to other works with nothing more, like “the Slavs ate green cheese, lf some of it wasn’t green and one must consider the arguments of Miakovsky in that regard”.

Nicholas V. Riasanovsky

This is why one must utilize post-Soviet materials in order to get a good understanding of Soviet history. Greco-Egyptian Interactions Ian Rutherford.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The book also has some problems with breezing past certain concepts, unloading unexplained Russian words and moving on wihout going into detail – while on other occasions being incredibly repetitive in explaining other terms. All and all a good read for anyone wanting an english text that deals with Russian and particularly good histofy the insights into culture in different time periods.

For a textbook with such impeccable and impressive academic credential, this book is incredibly readable jistory thoroughly enjoyable – I can’t even begin to comprehend why some reviewers have found this book a dry read. I would recommend buying the latest edition so that you have the most recent events. From until his retirement in he taught at the University of California, Berkeley, and published Nicholas I and Official Nationality in Russia and his best-selling A History of Russia The latest edition demonstrates why Risanovsky’s and Steinberg’s text remains the nichplas for undergraduate Russian history courses.

Still, it fulfilled its function. In his discussion of Stalin he barely touches on the Ukrainian famine of the s, describing it as an aberration of the implementation of the first five year plan and not what it was, the intentional starving of over 30 million peasants who resisted collectivization. I loved this book the 4th edition when I was in college.

John’s CollegeOxford in on a Rhodes Scholarship. The book provides a thorough description of the foundations of Russua–especially its Kievan roots and through the Romanov dynasty. The authors are well read and sometimes For sentimental reasons, I guess. The only one who gets and real time spent on him is Peter the Great.

The overall feel is one of an inconsistent, but basically decent, read. An ambivalence also reflected in Putin’s words: Thanks to Riasanovsky the terrain became more and more understandable.

Commemorating World War I. The author explores each period of time with different categories as: Wherever needed it gives a fair idea to the student, of the differing schools of thought addressing a question.


Academic Skip to main content. Steinberg Contrary to those who believe that Vladimir Putin’s political world is a Machiavellian one of cynical ‘masks and poses, colorful but empty, with russka at its core but power for power’s sake and the accumulation of vast wealth,’ Putin often speaks quite openly of his motives and values’and opinion polls suggest he is strongly in sync with widespread histpry sentiments.

Watching Russian history since then, as Putin has consolidated power and allowed a new elite to crystallize from the robber barons, I have often been grateful for the context provided russla this book and the courses I took with it.

A History of Russia

Can anyone tell me if there is any vital information lost when getting the complete version? X happens and then Y happens and professors Z1 and Z2 have such-and-so interpretations, but with almost no quotations from primary sources or detail to give color and improve retention of the material. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

I also appreciated that the authors did not limit the book to purely political events, but that a praiseworthy effort has been made to also represent the more social, cultural and even psychological aspects. Oct 30, Eric rated it it was amazing.

A History of Russia by Nicholas V. Riasanovsky

Drawing on both primary sources and major interpretive It describes not only the usual progression of kings and wars, but goes into some riasanovskky regarding politics – both foreign and domestic – as well as trade, education-levels, social order, literature and the arts as they have shifted through the centuries. I absolutely loved my history of Russia class, and this was certainly the better of the two required textbooks.

Steinberg Snippet view –

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