El asesinato de Roger Ackroyd has ratings and reviews. Mara said: I am just not made to enjoy formula crime. I find knowing who did it glar. El asesinato de Roger Ackroyd has ratings and reviews. Brina said: I read mysteries in between denser reads and Dame Christie never disappo. El asesinato de Roger Ackroyd has ratings and reviews. mark said: Choose Your Own Adventure!You are a country doctor living in a cozy Eng.

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She had been the victim of aseinato. But I thought I’d turn back to this one to see what it was like to read it knowing the ending.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

This question contains spoilers… view cbristie [I’ve read the book and I’ve reviewed it as well. I felt rather uneasy. I had no idea who the murderer was until the reveal at the end. All the troubles in the world can be put down to money- or the lack of it. Some reviews say that it is possible to work out this fairytale’s ending if you go back through the story and pick up the clues mostly from what isn’t said, his reticence and the fact that he doesn’t lie but such an approach merely condones the blatant trickery of the writer and her accomplice, in this case, the narrator.

If there had been toe marks on the dagger handle, now, that would have been quite a different thing. Everywhere they had run wild and taken possession of their habitat, breeding and multiplying and clearly lacking any strong hand to keep them down. I liked Detective Poirot, keeping his insights or hiding his claws? But soon after, when the sisters had been discussing the recently published classic detective story by Awesinato LerouxThe Mystery of the Yellow RoomChristie said she would like to try writing such a story.


Wikipedia entry for Agatha Chriistie Kimiko rated it did not like it Aug 17, Want to Read saving…. Featuring my favorite detective, the great and egotistical Hercule Poirot, we see different sides of him here. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”. Only she had the requisite control, the willingness to absent herself from the authorial scene and let her plot shine clear.

Occasionally, I guess the criminal, but other times I am left stumped.

El asesinato de Roger Ackroyd

View all 6 comments. On the whole, an average kind of detective story cjristie for the clever surprise ending. I got it right on the second try Agatha Christie is the best-selling author of all time. I highly recommend Agatha Christie.

Unofficial Poirot Buddy Read: When in royer last dozen pages of Miss Christie’s detective novel, the answer comes to the question, “Who killed Roger Ackroyd?

An appreciation of Agatha Christiewrites:. What I found was a vivid picture of life in a English village. InChristie married archaeologist Max Mallowan Sir Max from after joining him in an aasesinato dig.

He argues in favour of a different murderer — Sheppard’s sister, Caroline — and says Christie subconsciously knew who the real culprit is. El asesijato de que otra persona lo exprese nos impulsa a negarlo con toda vehemencia. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Cheers Dec 28, Murder on the Orient Express Agatha Christie: He also informs all that Ursula secretly married Paton, as the ring he found was hers; it was discarded after Paton chastised her for informing his uncle of this fact, which had led to her employment’s termination.

El asesinato de Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie (4 star ratings)

But Miss Christie’s story is distinguished from most of its class by its coherence, its reasonableness, and the fact that the characters live and move and have their being: Poirot then proceeds to inform all that he knows the killer’s identity, confirmed by a telegram received during the meeting.


To view it, click here. He’s shocked when he receives a phone call saying that his friend Roger has been found dead. Kindle Editionpages. I cannot say more without spoilers. Do you think the ending was a cheat?

Geoffrey Raymond Jamie Bamber The thing is here is to find out who was the person involved in both. I just finished reading ‘Mousetrap’ and had no problem following everything and I didn’t struggle to do so.

View all 21 comments. Cecil Ackroyd, who has taken up residence in the victim’s home. Ho fatto tre stelle, che faccio, lascio? Some of these books are in such poor condition that I have to carry them in plastic zip bags to keep the pages in order.

Since Agatha Christie’s books were written over a period of fifty years and appeared in many editions, these covers give some idea of the tastes of the times in which they were published. It was an extremely interesting and intriguing read.

Orson Welles adapted the novel as a one-hour radio play for the 12 November episode of The Campbell Playhouse. And don’t watch that ‘Doctor Who’ episode until you’ve read ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ – spoilers. Did not enjoy one bit. Everybody in the story appears to have a secret of his or her own hidden up the sleeve, the production of which is imperative in fitting into place the pieces in the jigsaw puzzle; and in the end it turns out that the Doctor himself is responsible for the largest bit of reticence.

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