Shoji Nishio (c ). Shoji Nishio’s lifetime of accomplishments included numerous rankings and honors in Japanese martial arts including 8th dan in Aikido. Nishio sensei starts volume 3 by contrasting aikido with other martial arts he has practiced, particularly referring to judo and karate, saying that aikido is a lot.

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He held the title of an Aikikai shihan and also created a new school of Iaido with forms from aikido, called Aiki Toho Iaido or Nishio-ryu Iai. That is why I started with vol. If one raises the sword at the same time as the opponent, matches his strike and then pushes the sword down, it is too late.

Shoji Nishio: “Aikido’s Innovative Genius,” by Stanley Pranin

Christopher Li You may also enjoy: This was the first demonstration ever given in public. There are subtle differences between the ken and jo application. Nishio Sensei was a highly regarded martial art master in numerous disciplines and a great innovator in Aikido. Each technique is also demonstrated with nushio vs.

Nishikaze Aikido Society of America

Around then, Kisshomaru Doshu invited me through Yamaguchi-san to go drinking. I showed these tapes to my friend who collects dubious aiki-ken tapes.


Even so, he personally maintained a good relationship with Hombu and with O Sensei. Those are the memories I have of that time. On his final trip to the U. Mifune was considered one of the greatest judo practitioners ever.

At that time there were about 27, or 28, people at the Takinokawa factory and about one thousand at iakido Oji factory. For that reason, it was touch and go whether or not O-Sensei would allow it.

Unfortunately, the senior students who had that as a goal are gradually dying away, and the loss of substance just progresses.

Nishio Aikido

Whichever dojo you go to they never nishuo on time, so there would be people training for about an hour after the regular Aikido class finished. We thought that this must be it and walked towards it, but it was already too dark to read the lettering on the signboard.

At the time all of the old students from the provinces, from Osaka to Kyushu, came running to help. I believe that it is because of that demonstration that the first All Japan was able to be held.

Of course, nobody knew what Aikido was at that time, but the people were already gathering together and at some point I became the manager. With the development of the Aikikai the Bureau of Engraving and Printing Aikido club must have flourished as well.


The Aikido club at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is the oldest Aikido club for working people and students in the Aikikai. By Nishio has been promoted to 5th dan Aikido. On his final visit to the U.

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I have been interested in Shoji Nishio since I read an interview with him – I particularly wanted to see his alledged integration of Muso Shinden ryu Iaido with Aikido. At that time the Second Doshu was called Waka Sensei, he was still employed at a securities company. A True Legacy On his final visit to the U. Aikido is a budo, and based on the movements of the ken. Many instructors today hardly know how to grip the sword properly, and therefore express the opinion that aikido is a purely empty-handed art.

That will only be effective in the dojo. Well, you could say that he was the first professional in Aikido.