Now, cat in all likelihood is gonna b same as and , what should i do? For example with an AIMCAT performance in the range of 60 percentile you. View AIMCAT (INVL) – July 30_ pdf from ECON at Delhi Technological University. 1. ‘I’.I.M.E. Triumphant Institute of Harassment. AIMCAT (P_P) – July 22_ pdf; Delhi Technological University; I; ECON AIMCAT (INVL) – September 24_ pdf; Delhi Technological.

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CAT Admit Card b.

[OFFICIAL] AIMCAT 1303 Discussion Thread (Please DON’T OPEN if you have not taken the test)

JRF Vacancy in Bioinformatics. If you have a good reading habit, you should be fine with that. Is it necessary to complete both? Aimvat may mot be viable to read every questions analysis. Dont carpet bomb blindly JEE Main details is mandatory if appeared for those who are applying under Stream 1.

Do not go with a set frame of mind. It may help to analyze the solutions, looking for the particular methods, and practice more on the topics that you have found particularly difficult.

Hi, The AIMCATs are designed keeping a lot of aimcxt in mind such as coverage of all the topics, the various types of questions, the various arrangements in which the paper can come etc. Hi Sheldon, brush up your basic concepts starting with book So ya, you have a reasonable chance. Admissions to Distance Education Click Here.


When should we take the CAT exam? I havent started preparation for sentence completion.

You dismissed this ad. Com CAB. Workex in these fields or with an NGO etc will help. Please read as much as you can. Enough time to get a good enough idea to answer the questions. It could have been as a result of inadequate judgement. I really need guidance on it. My cat is on 13033 3rd He owes his success to 1 strategy. In Kerala, God’s own country, thousands of coconut trees They are quite comparable.

Solve previous year papers of CAT. Analysis is the key. What would you advice a student taking his first mock test series for CAT? DO not get stuck. You shall then understand what pressure does to you and slowly you can stop yourself from making the mistakes that you amicat to earlier.

SASTRA Deemed University

A little higher wont hurt. Prepare rules for each question type in VA. You simply need to imagine the hands of a clock in the circle drawn to get an idea as to which direction is clockwise and which is anti-clockwise. I am doin well in quant clearing cut off in almost all the tests for 05 to What percentile can i expect in real CAT?


Which institute’s mocks are near to the real CAT exam, and so which series should I take? – Quora

That skill can help you shave off crucial minutes. Are you getting nervous, over-exerting yourself, taking the section too lightly or just out of practice.

Keeping the last 10 days for revision is fine. There is no news whatsoever of CAT being scheduled to be tougher than usual.

Please guide wht to do. Send a query through the b-school guidance tool on your SHP. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Here, the comma after Kerala indicates that some extra info is being given. It is important to stay focused while writing a mock. Quote from last para of the passage: Do not try to draw these kind of conclusions, instead try to maximize number of attempts without compromising on the accuracy.

Have aincat started yet. Send an email 3103 charltondcosta time4education. Form rules for each question type. You will need to relax and take the questions one at a time.