The Basic Method of Meditation by Ajahn Brahmavamso is a guide to getting started with meditation practice. Unlike many of the books here it. In these 4 lessons, we will use a basic method of meditation to enable us to let go in stages. These stages are called: Present- Moment Awareness, Silent-. I’ve read Ajahn Brahm’s “Basic Method of Meditation” as a booklet years ago and rediscovered it a few months back. I also bought a copy of his.

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The Basic Method of Meditation

This helps us generate the feeling of caring. For example we can imagine a baby, a kitten, a puppy or even a little plant. No need to cling to isolation or seclusion.

This probably is the most common form of doubt that arises in the beginning meditator. In the first lesson, we learned about the first two stages of letting go: If we feel the caress of the breeze, the pressure of our seat, we just know it, but silently. He has been a Buddhist Monk for over 30 years and is well known as an accomplished meditator, teacher and author. Group practice reinforces our individual practice.

Like most things mediattion life, in the long run, we get out of it what meditztion put into it.


Free ebook: Basic Method of Meditation by Ajahn Brahmavamso

Hi Alex, Ajahn Brahm is meditatioj huge inspiration to me, too. Oct 05, Evan Guerra rated it it was amazing. From another point of view I don’t want to be hitting uselessly the same impassable bawic when there is another method, an actual door to walk through. Guess who that often is. Stefanie marked it as to-read Oct 05, Ngoc Phuong rated it it was amazing May 15, Dear Meditator, open your heart to yourself.

The Basic Method of Meditation by Ajahn Brahmavamso

Be the first to ask a question about The Basic Method of Meditation. Whatever there is that arises in the mind, just watch it.

Mindfulness means remembering to be aware and how often we forget! Margaret M marked it as to-read Feb 12, To ask other readers questions about The Basic Method of Meditationplease sign up.

Let go of concern about where this experience is located; just focus on the experience itself.

This book is a free short PDF on the bswa. And there was the razor, placed ready to cut my own vein, when apt attention arose in me, the drawbacks appeared, disenchantment stood at an even keel: There are five basic hindrances to skilful meditation: Each builds upon the other.

Develop the perception of its being unattractive, with nothing of any substance to it at all.


Costa rated it it was amazing Sep 16, I’m a bit of an Ajahn Brahm fan. Often, I wonder if I do it correctly or am suitable at this time hrahm that kind of practice.


I read his “Basic Method” in “pamphlet” electronic copy and gave it a few short tries. Use the inner speech that you find best and spread the golden light to invoke the same feelings toward this real person.

Who is online Users browsing meditaion forum: Paulo Baptista rated it it was ok Mar 18, Hugo rated it it was amazing May 21, Then the mind will reach its natural state.

My mind wanders a lot even though I am trying to be mindful. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I am stuck even at his 1st stage present moment awareness and cannot master it I have found through experience that it does not matter where you watch the breath.

Be patient, be kind to your mind; this is a gentle practice. I haven’t read his book yet.

And it helps us make good meditation friends too.