By TCN News,. New Delhi: The Post-Sachar Evaluation Committee, headed by Prof Amitabh Kundu, presented its final report to Dr Najma. The perspective of the Sachar Committee Report. Role of positive . professor Amitabh Kundu .. of the original Sachar committee report. that study as well as from the Sachar Committee report released in . Amitabh Kundu, Sept ), which found that financial constraints.

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The Amitabh Kundu Committee has observed that available financial resources and physical targets have been meagre in relation to the deprivation of the minorities, especially Muslims, and for some of the schemes this meagre amount has not been fully utilised and this requires that allocation of resources to cimmittee Ministry of Minority Affairs be increased.

Year-wise allocation and expenditure during 12 th Plan. Regular monitoring of RSBY beneficiaries at the national level can correct this error as it is easy to track individual beneficiaries in real time. This implies that the Muslim community, irrespective of gender and rural-urban residence, are less likely to attain Secondary and Higher Secondary level of education.

Fake social media post sparks communal amitabbh in Uttarakhand.

All such settlements, rural and urban, should have a minimum of the following basic services: The current grant abilities of the MAEF are not best suited to make a significant impact on educational infrastructure, but may make an impact in terms of high quality, innovative pilot schemes for minority development. Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community. Private and Public Universities must also come forward to recruit and provide scholarships to Muslim minority students to pursue higher learning.

Committee gave extensive recommendations from primary school to technical education. The unused Qabristans may be developed with the help of appropriate agencies. At all levels of education, the outcome indicators for the Muslims were closer to the ST community with the lowest attainment. This is critical for the success of 15 PP. The group was headed by Professor Amitabh Kundu.


An expert group, headed by Prof Amitabh Kundu, in its report submitted in Junehad recommended the constitution of a diversity commission to oversee the incentivisation of diversity both in public and private domain, particularly in education institutions, employment establishments and housing societies. Health seeking behavior, in terms of outreach by Muslim families to hospitals and health care providers, must be encouraged and the complaints of discrimination should be dealt with through grievance redress mechanisms.

Kundu Committee on Post Sachar Evaluation submitted its report to the Union government

The numbers of scholarships have however been less than the demand and the amount is low. To verify, just follow the link in the message. This would help initiating a new process and trend in the country, enabling the idea of diversity taking root in the minds of the decision makers at all levels.

In ecology, a Diversity Index is a statistic that measures the bio-diversity of the ecosystem by measuring the number of committe in the ecosystem and their abundance species richness and commiytee evenness. Moreover, the basic advantages of a better sex ratio and higher birth weight have been wasted due to a lack of health facilities in areas dominated by Muslims and a high school drop-out rate.

Kundu Committee Submits Post Sachchar Evaluation Report

The MAEF is a valuable existing institution that can provide such a space. These must also qmitabh placed on websites for full transparency. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. However, the ITI model has become outmoded in its programmes and finds few takers among the target population. The OBC Muslims were the most deprived at all levels of education.

The percentage of enrolment at the secondary school level and above among Muslim population is lowcompared to Hindus and other SRCs, indicating a higher degree of drop out at this level.

It has to be done on the basis of consultations with all other ministers. It is therefore recommended that. More importantly, these would not improve the quality of employment, which is the major issue for the Muslims and not an increase in work participation rate. A sustained course correction will require continual engagement with new ideas and new thinking that go beyond existing schemes and programmes for the welfare amtabh minorities; to pilot new interventions that may be more responsive to the needs on the ground, with a view to up-scaling best practices.


Deficiencies in municipal services that have a direct bearing on health need to be addressed with a sense of urgency. This would help initiating a new process and trend in the country, enabling the idea of diversity taking root in the minds of the decision makers at all levels. The lists of waqf properties must be annually reviewed and their conditions repoft in a joint meeting of senior officers of the ASI and the Central Waqf Council.

The District and State Level Committees need to meet regularly and ensure coordination across various implementing departments.

In order to perform the expanded role, the Central Waqf Council and State Waqf Boards need to be strengthened by the government. Yet, anti-discrimination legislation does not in any way seek to derail the existing right to reservation, and can run parallel to existing reservations.

In other words, the minority community will also have to reach out to systems of governance to make the system responsive.

Kundu Committee on Post Sachar Evaluation submitted its report to the Union government

Programmes for the empowerment of women like Mahila Samakhya must be given directives to work in Muslim areas with Muslim women, with specified targets. An evaluation team at the MoMA should identify gaps, assess reasons rwport suggest immediate remedies. The scholarship schemes have been popular among minorities.

However, Muslims could get only Muslim women must have access to institutional and policy level decision-making. Their response is awaited. It is suggested that akin to the allocations made under the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan SCSP and the Tribal Sub-Plan TSPwhere budgetary outlays are made in proportion to the share of SC and ST population in the country, there is need to initiate a discussion on whether such budgetary strategies should be considered for the minorities as well.