Annexure-F is a verification certificate issued by a verifying authority. Annexure F is mandatory for passport applicants applying under the Tatkal scheme. Mar 14, Signing annexure F by the gazzeted officer is taking liability that you have never been What all should I do to prepare Annexure F for Tatkal passport?. Jan 26, As opposed to a normal passport application, a tatkal passport Until now, following annexure F (specimen verification certificate for passport.

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Tatkal Passport: Story Of Annexure F (Now Annexure B)

Can anyone of you tell me if the situation is better no or the same. Sriram October 6, Sundeep Soni December 19, Now imagine if it were an emergency? Kumar June 27, I hope it is, Shubhanka. Shubhanka September 5, Dwarak June 5, It is efficient enough. And then I can continue with the normal procedure to get passport.

But has there been an action since then? PSK at Thane says 3 optional documents are not meant for fresh tatkal passport and are for renewal only. We cant go by whats there in document advisor of PSK but should be in position to give officials whatever they ask for. What are my alternatives? Also, the website cites it as an optional document, while in reality it is not. Different PSKs have different rules. Please go through the comments on this posts, some people have been very kind to share their experience regarding Tatkal vs normal application.


The rules differ from region to region. We have received your request and we will get back to you shortly. Apologies for the delay, but I am limited in my resources in this area.

Getting tatkal passport easier as govt scraps need for Class 1 officer’s nod

You might want to read the other ajnexure, made by someone else for Bangalore PSK; dated today only. Much appreciation for your pain staking attkal Divya.

You might have to check if the PSU your dad works for is accepted by Passport office, and then check for this state thing. You just need to click the link below to make the Annexure-F certificate within minutes online. Divya Rai June 22, My father knows some high grade office from NCR. Thanks for your input. Hi Urvish, It is difficult for me to say how long would normal passport take, but what is the option you have anyway?

This anhexure never about reissue. Divya Rai July 11, I did my bit by writing about this impracticality. A Borrowed Backpack May 23, Another person with similar roadblock case of re-issue without Annexure F has shared his experience, and it is similar to yours.

All this requires a thorough knowledge of the words to be used in the verifying certificate. But as such everything is going on taatkal basis imean passport is despatched in one day by speed post.

A Borrowed Backpack March 17, Hi, Thanks for the writing. Hey Prashant, Thanks for sharing your experience. I actually ended up having a bad bad fight with the idiotic lady sitting at the final desk No 3I even initiated a complaint against her to the Head of the unit. Vani December 23, In smaller towns, these guys are asking for bribes which, unfortunately I have no way to prove, hence I did not touch upon that aspect.


People will then plan accordingly. I did taktal bit of digging around and read some articles from around the beginning of this year which state that if applicants furnish Aadhaar, PAN and Voter ID, even normal applications are being issued on post police verification basis.

Thanks a lot for quick reply Divya. But my uncle works in defense, and some how some one will be posted near to or in same city as I am.

How To Make Annexure-F For Passport?

Ritwick Bhardwaj May 29, Hey Gaurav, I agree with you there. To add to the woes, even the list of address proofs is only indicative.

I called to passport online number, they even dont say clearly whether it is required or not required. Hi Pawan, I agree with you annexute. I too have plans to raise these grievances on the concerned sites. Sushma Swaraj are you listening to the agony of the common people?

Tatkal Passport: Story Of Annexure F (Now Annexure B) – A Borrowed Backpack

Could anyone please clarify me, if he is right or do i need to get Annexure F. Hi Dwarak, What I have written about is fresh passport, and not about the one seeking renewal. Instead I have to go through post police verification after receiving the passport. To check the eligibility under the Tattkal scheme, please refer Section D: