Armin Heinen, Legiunea Arhanghelului Mihail: mişcare socială şi organizaţie politică (Bucharest: Editura Humanitas, ), p, mentions 16, For the most complete monograph to date, see Armin Heinen, Die Legion “ Erzengel Michael”, in Rumänien: . 40 Heinen, Legiunea “Arhanghelului Mihail”, Legiunea „Arhanghelului Mihail“ – Armin Heinen, Cornelia Esianu, Delia Esianu by: Armin Heinen (author) Cornelia Esianu (author) Delia Esianu (author).

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Lampe, John, and Mark Mazower. They agitated for the implementation of a numerus clausus in higher education, restricting Jewish admission to their small share of total population and thus curbing job competition from their intellectual elites.

Machiavelli,6 [—]: That is why Mihwil considered bureaucracy and charisma as opposites.

Iron Guard

And this is to be heard and known: The inclusion into Greater Romania of a large number of Roman Catholics, Greek Catholics, Protestants, and Jews added to religious pluralism, posing the dilemma of interconfessional relations. A Biography, 2nd ed. El reconstituie si explica faptele din perspectiva unui istoric al fascismului international si a unui intelectual liberal, in sensul larg al wrhanghelului.

In his page long book The Booklet of the Nest ChiefCodreanu wrote only two paragraphs dealing with the role of women in his party, and he recommended that a woman Legionnaire be a good wife and mother, attend church, and learn how to master cooking and sewing. He was more aptly part of the forest, of the mountains, of the storms on the snowcovered peak of the Carpathians, and of the lakes and rivers.

Der Sieg des Glaubens Tag der Freiheit: In July his wedding ceremony took the form of a mass celebration, paving the way for his charismatic cult.


My best friend, the son of the local Orthodox priest, older than I by four years, provided some pieces of peasant costume, and two conspirators [us] headed toward the church yard, where the Legionary meeting was to take place. Nationalism, Myth, and Me The Legion could penetrate these social categories using innovative political methods, arhangheului which charismatic propaganda figured predominantly. In arhsnghelului long run, this collaboration was harmful to church interests: I was hearing most of them for the first time.

Arhanghepului aim was different: The theory of charisma thus proves an essential arhanghelilui tool in the study of the Legion of the Archangel Michael in interwar Romania.

A relevant example of postwar charismatic leadership may be seen in the political odyssey of General Alexandru Averescu lsgiunea the early s. We are thus not the creators of the desired salvation, but we want to be the recipients of this saving force, which we seek in a different place, in the only place where it is to be found: Articole —4th ed.

Iron Guard – Wikipedia

All the qualities of our race. We are thus not the creators of the desired salvation, but we want to be the recipients of this saving force, which we seek in a different place, in the only place where it henen to be found: Cu cine e Isus! This is exactly the way we are.

University of California Press,—93; Z. Constantin Iordachi completed his doctoral dissertation at the Central European University, Budapest; a study of the evolution of the concept of citizenship in Romania; he teaches at the University of Bucharest. However, the new state was dominated by numerous sociopolitical cleavages.

I name Radu Mironovici as chief of the guard at the Icon. Its genesis was typical for a charismatic movement. He is resurrected, rising from beinen grave to present to us again Romania itself, buried by this sinful age.


Rădăcinile intelectuale ale legionarismului

University of Wisconsin Press, First, the Legion expanded its regional basis. Codreanu paid little attention to women’s concerns. Central European University Press. He who has faith, lefiunea struggles and suffers, he will be recompensed and blessed by his people.

Moreover, fearing his political resurrection with German help, Carol II ordered the assassination of Codreanu. Erikson, Young Man Luther: Revenge was quick to follow. We gathered together even closer around the Icon. A few such examples are listed bellow:. Quietness and contentment in this world I could not find, I hated it and it hated me back deadly. Arhanghelylui core of Legionary ideology was based on religious themes, such as their proclaimed belief in God and in salvation.

Ideologies and National Identities: Lists with This Book. University of California Press,2: However, the state administration had a limited capacity for absorption, which shank even more under the impact of postwar economic hardship.

Center for Romanian Studies,— Charisma, Religion, and Ideology: Codreanu added a military wing inwhose name, the Iron Guard Garda de Fierbecame synonymous with the entire Legion. An unprecedented expansion in educational facilities increased the number of students to a record level. On 4 Octoberthe Holy Synod portrayed the Legionary working camps in the countryside as a hidden agency for attracting Orthodox believers and refused their voluntary assistance for church repairs.

Deviant behavior was punished with a warning, temporary suspension, or even assassination.