Gli aforismi su La saggezza della vita di Arthur Schopenhauer costituiscono un . În “Arta de a fi fericit” Schopenhauer expune 50 de “reguli de viață” -cât de. Chapter» Topic Viata amorul moartea by Arthur Schopenhauer. We all recommend pakdkeapwkdsabook05d PDF Arta de a fi fericit by Arthur Schopenhauer. Download PDF ~~ visoaiopdfed2 Fii fericit by Tal Ben Shahar PDF Ebook visoaiopdfed2 PDF Arta de a fi fericit by Arthur Schopenhauer.

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From this remark sxhopenhauer is manifest that even in Seneca’s age there were rascals who understood the art of suppressing merit by maliciously ignoring its existence, and of concealing good work from the public in order to favor the bad: This book literally showed up exactly at a time when I could, I think, fully appreciate its value at first read. I have not read his pessimistic views, but I can tell you this book does not instill pessimism the least bit, but peace, understanding, schopenhaier self-reliance, and inner richness.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Do we not stop evolving?

Assuming life to be deterministic, at least for practical purposes, and only striving to avoid pain, to me would just lead to boredom. And i hope to reread it in a few years or even sooner so that i reinforce and remember these ideas.

The Wisdom of Life

Light is not visible unless it meets with something to reflect it; and talent is sure of itself only when its fame is noised abroad. Interesting to brilliant life lessons from one of the best known philosophers in town.


Of Alexander the Great we have but the name and ferivit record; but Plato and Aristotle, Homer and Horace are alive, and as directly at work to-day as they were in their own lifetime.

His excuse may be that he may have mostly met women and black people of his times that fit this generalization, because culture and prejudice did not widely allow them access to intellectual goods, and this was a artw opinion of his times.

The book was only 77 pages long but took me quit a while to read. View all 3 comments. Schopenhauer attempted to make his career as an academic by correcting and expanding Immanuel Kant’s philosophy concerning the way in which we experience the world.

The Wisdom Of Life by Arthur Schopenhauer (5 star ratings)

The latter are not for me, I have come to realize. Please skip his essay on women.

To him black people are primitive and unintellectual, women controlled by their emotions and unintellectual, too. I think the best philosophical works make you think, are practically applicab Interesting to brilliant life lessons from one of the best known philosophers in town.

His advice boils down to: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

La saggezza della vita by Arthur Schopenhauer

Deceptive images of a vague happiness hover before us in our dreams, and we search in vain for their original. Feicit author suggests focusing more time on something worthwhile, developing a natural skill or talent or the acquisition of knowledge.

The latter are not for me, I have come to realize. In many ideas his delightful language and literary qualities shine, such as this one: No trivia or quizzes yet. Then more than ever, it depends upon what a man has in himself; for this will achopenhauer to him longest; and at any period of life it is the only genuine and lasting source of happiness.


Recommended for anyone into philosophy, or who is looking for some direction in life. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Also noteworthy are his frequent allegories and metaphors, which in his view do not expand knowledge, as they can be subsumed into general ideas, but speak more immediately to us and are beautifully written and fitting.

With health, everything is a source of pleasure; without it, nothing else, whatever it may be, is enjoyable; even the other personal blessings,—a great mind, a happy temperament—are degraded and dwarfed for want of it.

This is, as it were, the true underlying substance, and fame is only dchopenhauer accident, affecting its subject chiefly as a kind of external symptom, which serves to confirm his own opinion of himself. Schoopenhauer on happiness, with clear thinking and precise deepness. In the second half of our lives, we come to know happiness lies in the avoidance of pain, in living a tranquil, moderate existence.

To ask other readers questions about The Wisdom Of Lifeplease sign up. Works that only confuse, which I at one point thought of all philosophical treatises, are a lot of the time very abstract and hypothetical. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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