Buy Blackmagic Design ATEM Production Studio 4K Live Switcher featuring Supports NTSC/PAL/HD/UltraHD 4K @ bit, Supports 4K Resolution Over SDI or. Blackmagic Design’s ATEM Production Switchers feature an advanced SDI- based design combined with HDMI ports for connecting consumer-grade cameras. Control panel for ATEM live production switchers. Supports all ATEM switchers. Advanced technology high frame rate Ultra HD live production switcher includes .

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Learn more about Features. The switcher provides six video outputs that switchets always active. This not only eliminates the need to invest in multiple monitors, but also the need to lug them all around.

The talkback from the camera is embedded wsitchers the SDI video feed from the camera to the switcher. Work alone on your laptop computer or, for more complex events, use multiple laptops and people to switch, control cameras, mix audio, and manage graphics and media, all at the same time! Although the switcher takes reference video in for sync timing so that it can interface with other post production equipment, each input has producion own Frame synchronizer, which enables you to use cameras that do not have genlock capability or for input of computer sources such as Keynote or PowerPoint Presentations The capture video format is set by the user, and must be the same across each input, as the switcher cannot scale different input formats to match the project format.

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Learn more about Hardware. Dual Media Players Large graphics memory! You also get 2 downstream keyers and independent fade to black.

ATEM Production Studio 4K

The front panel controls on ATEM Television Studio HD feature 8 large illuminated buttons for switching, along with audio controls, buttons for the down stream keyer, fade to black, media players, and cut-bus style or automatic switching with transitions.

I still maintain open lines of communication with the shop staff, which has evolved quite a bit since my days in the trenches.

You can see the clips on taem HyperDeck, select any clip, cue it, switchesr, and play it back at any time. Tracy is especially close to her two children, Kourtnee and Brandon, and has a boxer named Dude. When you’re on the move, the built in multi-view monitoring totally eliminates monitoring costs because all cameras, preview and program can be switcherd on a single SDI or HDMI monitor!


Get prodcution the outputs you need to record your video master and to broadcast your program to the audience at the event! All transitions are instantly available with a button push on the control panel and include the same cut, mix and wipe found on traditional mixers! Gene Duggan has worked for Imagecraft Productions since Have you found it cheaper?

Computer Input Resolutions x Featuring 20 inputs with built in re-synchronizers so you can connect the widest range of video sources such as cameras, disk recorders and computers for incredible live music, sport and more! You can get started with a moderate investment because the switchers come with a software-based control panel for Mac and Windows that you can use from a laptop computer.

Latest Discussions Raphael S. Input resolutions for computers: Monday – Friday Please prodution your UK postcode or select switcyers country above. A built-in two channel audio mixer handles the embedded HDMI and SDI audio from the six active video inputs as well as audio from the balanced and unbalanced analog audio inputs to provide you flexibility and creative audio options.

CVP holds a number of different events, everything from product demos to education sessions to make sure you’re using your equipment to its full potential. Each input also features its own frame synchronizer, which allows you to use cameras that do not feature Genlock as well as input video from computer sources.

BLACKMAGIC ATEM Television Studio – Production switcher

You even get a complete frame resynchronizer on every input! The powerful camera controls lets you remotely adjust iris and focus, camera settings and color correction, all via SDI. The upstream keyer works with chroma, patterns, shapes, and linear keys. Plus, you get multiview output so you can see all of your sources, preview and program on a single screen, aux out, built in talkback, 2 still stores, an audio mixer, camera control unit and more!

ATEM Production Studio 4K | Blackmagic Design

The world’s first Ultra HD produchion live production lroduction Get better chroma keying and seamless layering from HDMI and SDI sources so all your video maintains that pristine broadcast quality look. For a little production switcher it does what I and the client needs. Illuminated front panel buttons allow you to locally select the Aux output, while a two inch LCD screen built into the front of the unit allows you to see the Aux output for instant confirmation of the correct output.


Add unprecedented creativity with graphic wipes and stinger transitions using the 2 built in media players.

Additional cost-saving technology comes in the form of built in, multi-view monitoring, which allows all feeds to be viewed on a single SDI or HDMI monitor. ATEM live production switchers feature an elegant machined aluminum front panel with dedicated buttons to let you switch auxiliary outputs. For more information on shipping, please read our Delivery and Collection or please our Terms and Conditions.

It has eight video inputs, all of which can be active simultaneously. This lets you connect up to 8 cameras, game consoles, computers or other sources. Please read our partners’ respective privacy policies to ensure that you’re comfortable with how they use and store cookies: Control of the Aux output is by front mounted panel buttons, and built-in 2-inch LCD screen for immediate confirmation of the Aux output. The switcher can handle inputs from all inputs at the same time. Inshe headed to LA in search of a challenge.

Hardware-based, real-time Processing Delay: This new keyer also features foreground, background and edge adjustment controls, and chroma correction tools for spill and flare suppression so you can fine tune the key. Auxiliary outputs can be selected to any video input, media players, the preview bus, test signals and more! Two downstream keyers allow you to add graphics, lower thirds, titles and logos for a polished live production. It can handle eight inputs simultaneously, each with a frame synchronizer, and it has seven keyers.

The front panel buttons and screen make it easy to select sources such that you want to send to the aux output. He started at Imagecraft inand transitioned pretty early on from runner to shop tech, and shortly after to shop manager.

It is, however incredibly picky of video input types – can’t accept video signals with different specs at the same time. The advanced keyer features adjustable on-screen controls for selecting and sampling a region of color from the image.