The Divine Arcana of the Aurum Solis: Using Tarot Talismans for Ritual & Initiation [Jean-Louis de Biasi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aurum Solis: Initiation Ceremonies and Inner Magical Techniques, Osborn Philips. some of the magical techniques and visualizations utilized in those rituals. A complete summary of the tradition of the Aurum Solis including (Order of the Helmet, Fratelli Oscuri, Ogdoadic Tradition, Societas Rotae Fulgentis, Society of.

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Sopatros Aidesius founder of a school in Bergama. The three grades associated aurm the Halls of the Order are as follows: This is the ultimate system, reconciling magicians, Tarot deck readers, and astrologers.

Aurum Solis (Order of the Sacred Word) |

An insightful and innovative study of the theory and practice of the Tarot. Of course, Magic riutals prior to this period, but Iamblichus unified these different doctrines, all of which originated from Egypt and Chaldea, upon the theological and ritual foundation of the Chaldaean Oracles. Inthey return to the renewed meetings of the Order, which has been re-organized, and for several years a great effort is made to keep the whole work of the Order moving with the same zest.

For centuries, the ancient Western Mysteries have been transmitted through rituals called initiations.

The dark days Meanwhile during the period when Iamblichus was teaching, Christianity was rising rapidly, imposing its absolute and intolerant view. The ruling authority of the Order reviews the entire question of magical workings, of modern and of older Western types.

Mandalas come in many different shapes and forms, but all serve a very powerful spiritual purpose. Middle platonism During the 1st century CE.

Becoming a member of the Aurum Solis (Pronaos)

Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention. Thomas Maughan becomes the 5th Grand Master, continuing for 1 year.


The descriptions of the Greek Gods helped me get to know Them, how they can help me be a better person, and have enriched my life. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. He wrote several books on psychic empowerment and published, through Llewellyn, books of the Ordo Aurum Solis. A lineage is paramount.

Superb scholarship builds on the history of the ancient traditions to demonstrate that the Greek expression regarding the use of words of power is as potent, if not more so than the better known Hebrew usages.

Historically and philosophically, it is the first time I come upon such a rich and precise exposition of the solid roots of the Tarot. The Neoplatonician branch coming from Alexandria established a new school in Athens at the beginning of the 5th century CE.

Kupperman Osoborne Philips, former Chief of the Ogdoadic occult order known as the Aurum Solis, here reveals for the first time the initiatory ceremonies of that order, along with papers on their symbolism, the symbolism of the officers and some of the magical techniques and visualizations utilized in those rituals. I use the book almost as much, for explanations, pronunciations, and the rituals it contains.

In order to understand and explain philosophy, a teacher needs years of training and tests.

This is the ultimate system, reconciling magicians, Tarot deck readers, and astrologers. These meetings do rrituals replace your practices.

This Order takes its name from a mystical word known to Qabalists, which not only signifies but also symbolises in its structure, the descent of Spirit into Matter. Damascius and Simplicius of Cilicia.

I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical when I first heard of this book but I decided to buy it and check out; a new or old perspective of the Tarot. The Order issues the following message to its members: The God Thot and the Goddesses Isis are the real founders of the ritulas and theurgic traditions. The main body of the Aurum Solis reaffirmed the original intent of its rituals so that “the rites and the philosophy of the Order should reflect the joy and freedom of the Spirit which has been so much a part of true Magick in all ages; and that, as in the early days of the Order, the essential standard of judgment on any practice should not simply be that of philosophic and technical correctness, but that of effectiveness.


Both were progressively incorporated to the main beliefs and tradition of the Academy.

Tradition of the Aurum Solis – Ogdoadic Tradition

The supporters of the modern type of working Masonic type break away and form the Hermetic Order of the Sacred Word. He reopened the platonic studies in Byzantium in CE. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat This makes me wonder if the errors have been intentional, for whatever motives. In the early s, he was in charge of psychic investigation as conducted by certain initiates of Ordo Aurum Solis. Finally the first and second degrees, called the Neophyte of the Great Work and Servitor of the Secret Flame, respectively, are given, again along with symbolism, descriptions of movements, magical techniques and visualizations.

Anyone has the capacity to develop and master his inner abilities.