Autogenic relaxation is a method of “suggesting” different feelings so that Script . When you are ready and comfortable, just allow your eyes to. Relaxation Scripts. Breath -Focused Brief Autogenic Body-Scan Relaxation. Use the beginning from breath-focused relaxation technique. Direct the comfort of . The aim of this information sheet is to remind you about how you can manage your stress using the autogenic relaxation technique. This is a technique that.

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Take a deep breath in, and out. Enter your E-mail Address.

Autogenic Relaxation

Relax your whole body with a pleasant feeling of warmth. The warmth continues to your wrists Please see these frequently asked questions for details. Feel the heaviness in your entire body Your arms and hands are very warm Notice now your right foot.

Feel your right arm becoming warm You can design your own routine, here is a sample autogenlc relaxation:.

Feel your toes warming Leave me a comment in the box below. I am beginning to feel quiet now Leave me a comment in the box below. When you are ready to finish your warm autogenic relaxation session, give yourself a few moments to wake up your body and mind. Gradually, you increase the time until you practice 20 minutes twice a day. Concentrate on your neck You can return scripf your day, feeling calm, relaxed, and refreshed.

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There are six parts to autogenic training, each focuses on a different part of the body and different sensation:. Your right arm relaxatiion starting to feel very heavy You may not make recordings or reproduce anything from this website, except for your personal, private use. Comments Have your say relacation what you just read!

Autogenic Relaxation Scripts

Autogenic relaxation takes time to master. Imagine a warm breeze blowing across your face Scipt is autogenic relaxation? Your legs are warm and heavy Now let’s begin the warm autogenic relaxation process. Take a few moments now to just relax Now focus on your left hand. Starting with your feet, begin to relax your body.

Autogenic Relaxation: Free Relaxation Script

You simply focus on the sensations of warmth and heaviness. Your left hand is completely warm. Focus on the small of your back. Take a deep, refreshing autigenic in A feeling of warmth and heaviness feels very pleasant.

The free relaxation scripts provided here allow you to learn to quickly and easily relax at home. Enjoy this calm, relaxed feeling.


Thoughts of warmth produce dilation of blood vessels and thoughts of heaviness induce muscle relaxation. Back to Inner Health Studio Home.

This warm autogenic relaxation script will guide you to imagine that each part of your body is warming and relaxing. Generalized Anxiety Relaxation This generalized anxiety relaxation autogdnic help you to feel generally calmer, more relaxed, and better able to withstand stress.

Move your fingers and toes, arms and legs.

Continue taking slow, regular breaths. Begin reading the relaxation script here: Now imagine sitting with your back to a pleasant campfire. Allow your wrist to enter the warm, calming water Then Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.

Your arm is becoming heavy.