Awan a South Asian Zamindar tribe, putatively of Arab origin, living The Ferozsons Urdu-English Dictionary lists the Awans as a tribe whose name is of Arabic.

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Awan soldier in battle uniform.


A number of Awan villages also exist next to Lahore along the Indo-Pak border where many Awans settled after migrating from East Punjab in following partition. It is claimed that in recognition of their services and valour, Mahmud bestowed upon Qutb Shah and his sons who, according to tribal traditions, settled primarily in the Salt Range the title of Awanmeaning “helper”.

In the opening to his account of the Awan tribe, H. The findings of the geneticist, S. This page was last edited qwan 3 Mayat This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Tori 6 and Jhajh whose descendants are said to be still found in Tirah and elsewhere.

Though these areas are their ancestral homelands and many own farms and other property there. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from August Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references Use dmy dates from January Articles containing Urdu-language text Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from March All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Articles with unsourced statements from August But in the best available account of the tribe 4 the Awans are indeed said to be of Arabian origin and descendants of Qutb Shahbut he is said to have ruled Herat and to have joined Mahmud of Ghazni when he invaded India.

Although Rose was more cautious im assigning an Arab origin to the Awans, he was willing histry concede that the tribe may well be Alvi Sayyidswho having sought refuge in Sindh from the Abbasidsallied themselves to Sabuktagin and assisted him in his Indian adventure, for which he bestowed the title of Awan on them Rose considering it plausible that the name of the Awan tribe was derived from the word ‘Ahwan’, meaning “helper”.

The Awan deserve close attention, because of their hjstory importance and, above all, because they settled in the west, right up to the edge of Baluchi and Pashtun territory. Chauhan who colonised the hills near the Indus 5: Pakistan —Oxford University MPress, p.

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In the Awan villages of Talagang tahsil all the graves have a vertical slab at either end, while a woman’s grave can be at once distinguished by a smaller slab in the centre. They often carry titles typical to Punjabis [6] who own tracts of ancestral land.

Baab Ul Awan

Malik is the honorary title of the Awan clan. There are no threads for this page. Please try a current version of IE or Firefox. Urdi to be a Writer Report page Share this.

Awan History

See under Awan for the history of Maliks in Punjab. Other theories have been adduced by the Awans regarding their origins, but most of these hypotheses also point to the tribe being descended from Awon Qutab Shah, who entered the Indian subcontinent as part of a military campaign and traced his bloodline to Ali R A.

Awan tribes claims that they belong to Qutab Shah here we clarify that there are two personalities enter in Sub-continent 1. In Jhelum too Awans give their daughters in marriage to Awans only as a rule, though there seems to be some instances of marriages with leading men of the Chakwal tribes: Amin Chand’s History of Sialkot gives a curious pedigree of the Awans which is pictured here: According to Philip Edward Jones: These include figures such as: Awan soldier in uniform.

Awan (tribe) – Wikipedia

Naheed Qasimi Writer and literary critic. Awon Qutab Shah and 2. Retrieved from ” http: In Gujrat they only marry inter se, refusing to give daughters even to the Chibbsand not inter- marrying with the Khokhars. It is asserted that Qutb Shah and six of his sons accompanied and assisted Mahmud in his early eleventh century conquests of what today forms parts of AfghanistanPakistan and Northern India.

He also considers the Awans to be of Arabian origin and traces their lineage to Ali, but according to him, Abdullah Rasul Mirza was the remote ancestor of the Awans; in the eighth century, he was made a commander of the army of Ghaur by Caliph Harun al-Rashid, the title of Awan i conferred upon him, and his descendants consequently being called Awans.

Khokhar or Muhammad Shah who settled on the Chenab: Privacy policy Hsitory Jatland Disclaimers Mobile view.

The independent possessions of the Awans in the Salt Range were once very considerable, and in its western and central portion they are still the dominant race. The Pakistani military has always heavily recruited Awans and as is consistent with the past, the tribe continues to produce a considerable number of soldiers, many of whom today occupy many of the senior-most ranks of the Pakistani Army.


On a rural level, Awans are respected as members of the Zamindar or landowning class.

Alternative forms are Malek and Maalik. According to Rose not only are the Awans of Arabian origin, he also accepted that they are indeed the descendants of Qutab Shah.

The word Awan is not unplausibly derived from Ahwan’helper,’ 2 but various explanations of its origin are given. Qutab Shah claimed descent from the fourth caliph Ali through his second wife. Other theories have been adduced by the Awans regarding their origins, but most of these hypotheses also point to the tribe being descended from Qutb Shah, who entered the Indian Subcontinent as part of a military hiwtory and traced his bloodline to Ali. They formerly held all the plain country at the foot of the western Salt Range, but have been gradually driven up into the hills by Pathans advancing from the Indus, and Tiwanas from the Jhelum.

Retrieved from ” https: Legend has it that their aawan go back to Imam Ali and his second wife, Hanafiya. Its Nature, Function and Origins Photo gallery. Rise To Power Awans: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

They were prominent in the armies of the Slave Dynasty and the Khilji dynasty during the Delhi Sultanate period. Though these areas are their ancestral homelands and many own farms and other property there, numerous Awans live in the major cities of Pakistan such as Lahore where a section of the Awan tribe has established a settlement, aptly named Awan TownIslamabad, and Karachi. On a rural level, Awans are respected as members of the Zamindar or landowning class.

Cunningham looked upon the Awans as a Rajput clan, [4] whereas Kaul was of the opinion that the tribe was of either Jat or Rajput origin, pointing to the fact that in Sanskritthe term Awan means “defender” or “protector” and asserting that this title was awarded by surrounding tribes due to the Awans successfully defending their strongholds against aggression.