BALLAD. Read an excerpt from Flux. Nuala is part muse, part psychic vampire. Her mark across history is unmistakable: a trail of brilliant poets, musicians, and. Information and extras for Lament and Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater, including Celtic music written for the books. Summary: A book with lots to like, but enough flaws to make it worth a borrow, not a buy. Strong major characters, lyrical prose and interesting.

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I desperately hope there will be more novels in this series.

If you liked James before, you will love him in Ballad. James and a new fairy Nuela are the main characters in Ballad with the occasional unsent text message from Dee. I’ve heard criticism about this novel on a number of points — Nuala’s not likeable, Dee and James interact too woodenly, where the heck is Luke spoiler alert: But as the story went on, seeing how leanan sidhe were mistreated low faeries on the totem pole and seeing her develop real stiefvaher for James and deny her nature, she became more sympathetic.

Both worlds are shaken up. I think that the more I read by Maggie Stiefvater the more I love her books. So go ahead and click on the cover and buy yourself a copy.

They are in too stiefavter pain and it is hard to see outside that cage. Maggie Stiefvater lives in the middle of nowhere, Virginia with her charmingly straight-laced husband, two kids, two neurotic dogs, and a Camaro named Loki. She seemed to see him for exactly what he was. After the first two meetings she had with James, I grew tired of her damsel-in-distress-I’m-so-sad attitude.

There’s a lot to like about Stiefvater’s writing. I love the banter between characters, the progression of school life, and the character development that flows through the pages. Nuala needs Sitefvater to make a deal with her for her to survive, but the more she gets to know the piper, the less she wants to feed on his life force. Though perhaps starting with Lamentthe first in the series, would be advisable!


I love the whole world of Faerie that Maggie has created. Nobody writes longing like Maggie Stiefvater. I enjoyed it so much more because I was prepared for the shift in narrator and focus and not pining for Dee’s and Luke’s story as much as if I had read this right after Lament.

I’m addicted to this world and only hope she graces us with more to come!

Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater – book review

James practically jumped out of the pages and came to life for me, and I felt sad when it was over. Allerdings hoffe ich, dass in Teil 3 Dee wieder die Kurve kriegt, denn in diesem Buch mochte ich sie nicht sonderlich und habe alle Naselang nur gedacht, dass sie doch endlich mit James sprechen soll und diese SMS abschicken soll.

He is so much more than his humorous exterior, it’s heartbreaking. Maggie Stiefvater knows how to string together a sentence. I like the way Maggie develops him and all the facets to his personality. She soon learns more about who she really is. With all that being said, Ballad exceeded my already high expectations by leaps and bounds.

A great series should be able to grab you whichever instalment you pick up. Others said she seemed stiefgater a b! Gut geschrieben stieffater das Buch stiefvatter, aber es ist lange nicht Maggies bestes. Sullivan would put up with it for very long. To find out more, including how to control stiefvateg, see here: There are also some plot points that weren’t terribly clear, but they didn’t detract too much from the reading overall; I hope these will be cleared up or expanded in the books to come in this series.


James doesn’t like her, isn’t interested in what she has to offer until suddenly, for no apparent reason, other than it would seem he wants to make Dee unhappy, he is interested. Oh James, talented, funny, uber-sarcastic and yet, seems to be broken in some way – stiefvster this movie showed all those attributes. And I am also glad that Dee didn’t get what she wanted in the end. All bxllad Maggie Stiefvater’s life decisions have been formed by a desire to leave a mark, resulting in spray-painted cars, sharpie-covered computer printers, ink-splattered walls, and stories told in books, in magazines, and on stages.

I hoped that in the sequel we’d get to learn more about him. When it was revealed that Dee was in serious trouble and had sorted out her feelings too late, I did get my sympathy for her back.

I thought she was good for him. View all 7 comments. I was not disappointed.

Ballad: A Gathering of Faerie

Which is sad because it really sriefvater very good and the first one was amazing. I liked things from James’ point of view. But at least James was not nearly the doormat Jacob was. Meanwhile the faeries are far from finished meddling in James’ life. And I hated Dee in this book.