Version 1.4

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Today I’ve released uPod 1.4. Thanks to Daniel Pluta the latest release brings a Polish translation. Further on it provides new synchronization settings which give you the possibility to better control the sync to — for example — reduce mobile data usage. One of the new options allows you to restrict the sync to Wi-FI connections.

Here is the full change log:

  • Polish translation
  • sync preferences to better control data usage
  • smoother coverart load in lists
  • up navigation for playback screen

Happy listening!

Happy Birthday uPod!

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It was exactly on March 31 2013 where I’ve announced uPod on Twitter and Google+ and committed the first lines of code. In October 2013 the beta phase started and sice January 1 2014 uPod is available at Google play.

German Language Support

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This morning I’ve published a minor release which brings German language support to the uPod UI. So if you’ve setup German as your primary language in the Android settings, uPod will present you a German user interface. Many thanks to Philip Olbrich and the other translators for their great job.

Do you want to see uPod in your favorite language? Go to the uPod translation page and start right now!
German uPod User Interface

Need your Ratings and Suggestions

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I now want to start to promote uPod through well known Android blogs and sites. Therefore it is important to have good ratings at Google play! Unfortunately until now uPod has only a little number (26) of ratings which makes the few 1 to 3 star ratings look more important than I think they are.

That’s why I kindly ask you again to rate uPod at Google play!

Further on I would like to have your suggestions for bloggers and sites I should contact and ask to write something about uPod.

Thanks for your support!

Version 1.2

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Podcast search

The main goal of this new uPod version is to ease starting off with uPod using the new podcast discovery features. But there is also a lot more in it — checkout the full changelist below.


  • discover popular podcasts by category
  • search podcasts
  • episode duration determined during download
  • streaming support for all episodes
  • load 50 episodes at a bunch in ‘My podcasts’
  • load additional episodes when scrolled to bottom in ‘My podcasts’
  • expandable/collapsable podcast description
  • action to add random episode to playlist
  • hide playback bar when playlist is empty
  • changed action icons “mark read” and “mark finished”
  • about dialog

Bug fixes

  • fixed playback error/lost downloads

Help to translate uPod to your native Language

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Until today uPod is only available in English language. I have received a lot of requests to translate uPod into other languages. This is something where I am depended on the help from the community — from you! So if you want to make uPod even better and are willing to invest some time, you can do so now: Simply go to the uPod translation page at Crowdin and start to translate.

Based on uPod’s current user statistics I have activated French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish for translation. If you are missing your favorite language please contact me.

I estimate that a complete translation requires about four hours. But Crowdin is a community based translation service, so every translated string helps!

Discover new Podcasts

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Until now after installation uPod was an empty space. You needed to manually add podcasts by URL or by importing OPMLs. This is a high barrier for users trying out podcasts for the first time or even for those who know everything about podcasts but just want to quickly tryout uPod as an alternative to their current podcast player.

Version 1.2 — which is currently in beta phase — fixes this problem by providing some new podcast discovery features: You can now browse popular podcasts by category or search for podcasts. Both features require you to select your preferred podcast language(s), so that they can provide relevant results for you.

The tablet screenshot below shows the popular podcast list. To narrow the results you can pick a category by tapping the view’s title in the upper left.

The phone screenshot shows the podcast search results. Simply enter one or more search terms and they will be matched against the podcast titles, keywords, descriptions and authors. So if you know a part of the name of your favorite podcast simply enter it and easily subscribe to it. Or do you want to see a list of all podcasts created by your favorite podcaster? No problem.

As mentioned above this feature was intended for new users, but in the end I was surprised how many interesting new podcasts I have found this way. So give it a try.

Podcast searchPopular podcasts

Version 1.1.5

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I released a small update which fixes an out of memory error and bad device responsiveness when downloading episodes from a podcast wihtout coverart.

Version 1.1

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Version 1.1 has passed the beta phase. Though the version number indicates a smaller update, indeed this is a big one. It’s main purpose is to implement the new workflow as described in the related blog post.

In short: For each episode a “New”-state is now tracked. New episodes are shown with bold font like in an e-mail client. New episodes appear in the “New”-section and — if you want — also everywhere in your library where they naturally belong to. The old “Inbox”-section has been removed.

Further on uPod can now add new episodes automatically to the end of your playlist if you wish it to — this is possible either for all new episodes or you can configure this on a per-subscription basis.

As a bigger visual change you may notice, that uPod now uses a new font for episode and podcast titles on Jelly Bean and above. This condensed font is much smaller and provides better readability for the titles and doesn’t occupy as much space as before.

But the new version also brings a lot more. Here is the full list of changes:


  • Startup configuration wizard
  • Replaced inbox with “new episode” mechanism
  • Global/subscription setting to automatically add episodes to the playlist
  • Global/subscription setting to automatically mark episodes as read (not-new)
  • Mark finished/unfinished action
  • Notification for new episodes
  • Condensed font for episode and podcast titles for better readability
  • show podcast title overlay in tiny podcast grid view for podcasts whithout coverart
  • loading not locally available coverart dynamically from the web
  • Tap and hold an action icon for more info
  • option to select SD card as storage on Android KitKat and above
  • confirmation dialog for changing storage

Bug Fixes

  • fix too long file name issue for episode downloads
  • follow even cross protocol (HTTP -> HTTPS) redirects on download
  • pause downloads when storage isn’t available and resume when it’s back
  • pause downloads when connection is gone instead of marking whole queue as failed
  • fixed white background flash when entering show notes view

Other Changes

  • Reduced free listening contingent to two hours per month (

Navigation drawerNew episodes

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