Canon Ir Error Code List. Code Description. E Communication error ( with pedestal). E Communication error (with ASSIST). Free downloads Error Codes Canon iRPage 1 of 5 Error Codes Canon iR Download here the full version of service manual iR Code List. Thank you for purchasing the Canon iR/iR/iR Series Machine. This Manual describes the use of the List of Error Codes Without Messages.

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In the course of sensor output automatic adjustment, the light-emitting voltage is set to 4.

Error Codes > Canon > iR > page 1

The laser scanner motor M10 is faulty. Check the wiring; if normal, replace the main controller PCB.

The main thermistor or the sub thermistor detects overheating hardware circuit detection Causes: When the fixing motor is rotating, is the film rotation detection signal sent by the fixing film sensor to the concoctor J of the DC controller PCB? Connector Is the DA unit connected securely? Your email address will not be published.

  AFMAN 44-158 PDF

The heater drive power supply is faulty. The fixing heater has an open circuit. The fax PCB is faulty. The detail codes of the fans in question are as follows: The laser scanner unit is faulty.

Main cause The paddle home position sensor PI2 is faulty.

Correct the connection and the cable. Caution To clear the error, dispose of the waste toner, and turn off and then on the main power switch. The wiring is faulty short ergor, open circuit. Cause The stapler motor M6 is faulty. Main cause The image data is faulty.

The pedestal controller PCB is faulty. Main cause The stapler home position sensor PI19 is faulty. Connector Are the connectors of the horizontal registration canoon position sensor and the horizontal registration motor connected? Main cause The alignment motor rear; M5 is faulty. Connector Is the Cad Reader-C1 or the coin vendor connected securely?

Canon IR 3300 Error Code List

Action See the description for E The finisher controller PCB is faulty. The stack handling motor M2 relay harness is faulty. Main cause The PCI bus has poor connection. The machine controller PCB is faulty. Remove the foreign matter. Connect the wiring and the connectors.


Main cause The slide home position sensor PI is faulty. Main cause The fixing film unit is faulty. The thermistor control mechanism is faulty.

E The communication between the copier and the finisher is disrupted and is not corrected for 5 sec or less.

The wiring is faulty. Main cause The finisher controller PCB is faulty. The rear aligning plate home position sensor S7 is faulty. The main controller PCB is faulty Action a. The aligning plate home position sensor S6 does not go OFF when the front alignment motor Irr3300 is driven for a specific number of rotations. E After the main motor drive signal is generated, the clock signal does to arrive within 1.