“Can’t Be Saved” is the second single from Senses Fail’s second album, Still Searching. The music video was first introduced through AOL Music on May The new FiberChek probe completely automates your fiber inspection workflow. Built-in image viewing, auto-focus, Pass/Fail analysis with WiFi, Bluetooth and. The following videos take a closer look at the FiberChek Probe, highlighting key features, controls and Your browser cannot play this video. The following video highlights a time saving workflow feature that lets users configure the.

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At the top you name the profile, define the total number of zones and add password protection to the profiles menu, if desired strongly recommended. If you see a You may want to group these files in accordance with your operation. Scroll down to find the Security category.

Westover FBP FiberChek FiberScope FBPP-USB1 USB PC Microscope Laptop Fiber Scope | eBay

However, information is subject to change without notice, and JDSU reserves the right to provide an addendum to this document with information not available at the time that this document was created. These fant tips are designed to inspect connectors that are mounted within a bulkhead adapter in-situ inspection. Also, you can stretch the window to fill as much of your desktop as you prefer. Turn the Focus Control clockwise right until it stops.

E Tips Aw calibration setting is recommended when using long reach E inspection tips ex: Wait for the automatic Found New Hardware Wizard menu to launch. The warranty will become null and void if: Rotate the Focus Control until the image is in focus. Brings up the Company Information dialog, which allows you to edit information about your company or organization.


Insert the probe into the repository. FiberChek2 overcomes this challenge by operating in two modes, each optimized for its designed task.

It lets users quickly and easily view, fibercuek2, and print images of fiber end faces. If you are using a high-quality fiber, the software will automatically find the edges of the fiber and you can simply click Next or AutoCal Finish to complete the A calibration process. Sell Smarter with Kyozou. Define Scratches The Scratches section allows you to disable scratch identification altogether.

Each camera is programmed during manufacture to encode what type of microscope, magnification and lighting is installed in that system. You can also perform this function by using key strokes.

JDSU Westover P USB Fiberscope Fiber Inspection w/ FiberChek Pro P | eBay

For Internet Explorer Version 6. It is powered through the universal serial bus USB port sav utilizes a blue coaxial light emitting diode LED light source with an advanced camera system to produce a high resolution fiber end face image. Click on the Driver tab Fibdrchek2 Driver. For a given profile, these should all generally be set to the same level, however, you can try a different combination of settings if your application demands it.

Opens the Profiles dialog box to allow you to create, edit, and delete inspection profiles. Automating this process removes human subjectivity and ensures that a strong level of process control can be implemented and maintained over time.

In the File Name Base field, insert leading characters that will be common to all file names. Type in either the Default. These tips contain several optical components and, like most of our tips, are made of stainless steel. From the Tools menu, select Calibrate. Image When you launch the application and load a fiber into the microscope, you can focus and see a live image of the fiber.


No part of this guide may be reproduced or transmitted electronically or otherwise without written permission of the publisher.

Deleting a Profile To delete a Profile, perform the following: Defects Tab is chosen along with Zone A. Focus the image if necessary. Be sure to write the RMA number on the outside of the shipping container. Standard Connector Tips 1.

The HTML svae allows its archived information to be customized and activated at a later date see page FVD Microscope Components A large selection of adapters is available to accommodate a wide variety of connectors. The general symptom of an ALI controller is a bad image, but there usually is an image.

Backlighting of the fiber illuminates the core and allows you to inspect its condition.

To toggle between high and low magnification select Live Video Magnification from the View Menu and choose either High or Low from the fly-out menu. This secondgeneration system allows you to scan both the glass fiber and its surrounding area.

JDSU: User Manual – FiberChek2

When you launch FiberChek2 the system will display a live low-magnification image. This level of detection is diberchek2 for process control purposes but is counterproductive for connectors that have already made it through quality assurance and into the field. Contamination Tab is chosen along with Zone A.