Our reunion was fantastic, Carmen and I shall never forget how I felt in their Astept cu nerabdare sa vin sa iau manuscrisul ultimei carti pe care ai scris-o si sa . Carti Audio de Descarcat. Uploaded by Iulia Barbu . robin sharma,calugarul.. 4 carti audio . Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului (1). Uploaded by. Search. Home ยท Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului. Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului. October 15, | Author: costpop | Category: N/A.

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Cele 11 Principii eterne. In Everyday Karma I show you exactly how to do that. I demonstrate how day-to-day thoughts and actions can plant karmic seeds in your life that will either blossom like flowers or take over like weeds. This book will guide you into a deep understanding of your own karma and give you the tools to heal the past and discover a more joyful future.

Now, in Everyday Karma, she invites you to embark upon a journey of healing and enlightenment-and to start living the life that is yours alone. Through her own spiritual biography beginning with a near-death experience when she was youngtrue stories from Understanding Your Contract with the Universe. The Beginner’s Guide to Karmic Astrology Did you know that before you were born, your soul made a promise with the entire universe to aim higher and do better in this life?

Sounds like a tall order Not to worry, taking care of your contract with the universe is really about taking care of yourself and bringing some balance into your corner of the earth.

Your astrological birth chart reveals your soul’s contract with the universe. By connecting the cosmic dots, you hzrra figure out where you came from and the destiny you chose for this life. Fulfilling your contract is just a matter of knowing where to look. This is a valuable and accessible book, with much helpful counsel harga its cheerful pages.

What I like about this book is that it shows how individually we are all connected to a larger whole, some kind of universal intelligence. Thurman, professor of Buddhist studies at Columbia University and author of Why the Dalai Lama Matters This fascinating true story chronicles one man’s journey into the mysteries of spiritual consciousness and the indigenous healing practices of four shamanistic traditions: Toltec, Cherokee, Maya, and Buddhist.

In his travels around the globe, Rosales witnesses the powerful channeled spirit Nino Carmeb, receives messages and healing from a Toltec shaman, and experiences a dramatic soul retrieval from a Cherokee spiritwalker. Rosales travels to Guatemala, where he meets a Mayan high priestess, or a’j’ r’ij, and the secret brotherhoods called cofradias, whose mission is to guard Maximon, the catmen living Mayan god.


Rosales’s last journey is to Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, where he spends time with a holy lama. A real thriller ” –Carmen Harra, Ph. The Eleven Eternal Principles: Accessing the Divine Within.

Life Is Caren Coincidence: The Life and Afterlife Connection. I sense my deceased grandfather’s cadmen. He is trying to tell me something.

Am I about to die? Has he come for me?

Carti carmen harra

I shout into the dark, ‘I cannot hear you ” He tells me I must write something for my father. Thirty-six hours later, I learn my father just passed away. I am to write his eulogy. She ultimately learned we all have the ability to communicate with our guides. Carmen Harra ‘A generous and healing Spirit herself, Sheryl now shares her journey with all who read this book.

CARMEN HARRA : Intuitive psychologist, certified relationship coach, and best-selling author

Robert Brown “Sheryl Glick opens her heart and soul to an extraordinary dimension and enlightens us how every encounter guides us from the start of this life to passing to the next. As you flow through the pages of this divine work, allow the wisdom to penetrate your soul and enrich you in glorious ways.

Internationally renowned clinical psychologist Carmen Harra explains that we must embrace wholeliness: Only by perceiving that we are both individuals and at one with the whole can we begin to eradicate our fears and draw on Divine support during this crucial time.

Harra shows us how we can: Wholeliness is the nourishment we Signs Symbols and Secrets: Decoding the Da Vinci Code. Signs, Symbols, and Secrets decodes in a fascinating new way the secrets behind The Da Vinci Code impact on the world.

Carmen Harra – Decodificarea Destinului

This book unlocks the hidden secrets of the truth about Jesus’ life and death and explicates the numeric code presented by Dan Brown in a revolutionary and compelling new theory.

Signs, Symbols, and Secrets intends to enhance the magnitude of the Holy Grail as the symbol of the divine feminine energy rising in power to balance the male energy. The book reveals that the farti of creation is concealed in every form of existence as an eternal code that can be explained through pure symbols and sacred numbers.

The Karma Queens’ Guide to Relationships: The Truth about Karma in Relationships. Licensed clinical psychologist, intuitive counselor, and upcoming Bravo celebrity Carmen Harra shows readers the power of karma When it comes to our interactions with family, friends, and the people we live with or work with, the drama can be overwhelming and confusing if we aren t guided by love the karmic cure for every hurt, rift, misunderstanding, conflict, and betrayal.


In her new book Karma Queen: The Truth About Karma and Relationships, Carmen Harra draws harda her knowledge of psychology and metaphysics, her experience as a therapist and counselor, and her own relationships to help readers untangle the complexities of their relationships and get the most out of them. This book applies Carmen hzrra ideas to all types of relationships, because she firmly believes that karma affects barra relationship in our lives including whether we ever meet our soul mate.

Rich in practical, solid advice, the book will also feature stories drawn from Carmen’s new reality show and from her life.

Metaphysical intuitive Carmen Harra, PhD, has found that we all have an individual soul code. She reveals how to calculate your soul code so you can see who you truly are, understand your destiny, and use your free cwrmen to make the most of your potential. With your soul code in hand, you’ll learn about the tool of prediction: Combining intention with action is the practice of manifestation and free will.

Decoding Your Destiny includes exercises, tips, and stories from Dr. Harra’s clients to help guide you as you hsrra your own intuitive abilities. Harra also gives her own account of the future with predictions of a better world. Her vision for the next thirty to years provides fascinating food for thought.

Harrz carmen harra Stoc anticariat ce trebuie reconfirmat. Carmen Harra Cele 11 Principii eterne.

Stoc anticariat ce trebuie reconfirmat. Carmen Harra Decodificarea destinului Editura: Disponibil in 14 zile! Carmen Harra Everyday Karma Editura: Ballantine Books Anul aparitiei: Marguerite Manning Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract with the Universe Editura: Llewellyn Publications Anul aparitiei: Accessing the Divine Within Editura: Crossing Press Anul aparitiei: Disponibil in zile!

The Life and Afterlife Connection Editura: Carmen Harra Author Wholeliness: Decoding the Da Vinci Code Editura: The Truth about Karma in Relationships Editura: Contact Despre noi Cum cumpar?