Need your feedback on a workflow idea

Written by sven. Posted in feedback

From the feed­back I’ve received I am get­ting the impres­sion, that the cur­rent inbox mode feels like too much over­head for most of you and that it espe­cial­ly over­bur­dens new uPod users. That’s why I have thought a lit­tle bit about it and have found an idea of which I think that it would suite both groups of users — those of us who love the inbox con­cept and those who like a more sim­ple approach as known from oth­er pod­cast play­ers. I’m look­ing for­ward to hear your thoughts and feed­back on the fol­low­ing idea.

The inbox would be dis­missed. Instead every episode would be deliv­ered to the library direct­ly, but new episodes would be marked as new (like you know it from your e-mail client). The »New« view in the library would then be adjust­ed to show episodes marked as new and with one tap you could mark them as no longer being new (either for sin­gle episodes, episode selec­tion or all episodes).

This sounds very much like the cur­rent inbox approach, but here comes the big dif­fer­ence: The new episodes would not only appear in the »New« sec­tion, but each episode would also occur in it’s nat­ur­al place with­in the library (e.g. the »All« view) but will be explic­it­ly high­light­ed as new there also.

These are the glob­al options I would like to pro­vide:

  • Show new only in New sec­tion: If enabled new episodes will only appear in the »New« sec­tion and not in any oth­er places. Enabling this option would effec­tive­ly bring back some kind of inbox mode.
  • Auto add to playlist: If enabled all new episodes would be added auto­mat­i­cal­ly to the playlist.

And the fol­low­ing pod­cast spe­cif­ic option:

  • Auto add to playlist: If enabled new episodes of this pod­cast would be added auto­mat­i­cal­ly to the playlist.

Please let me know what you think about it either on Twit­ter, Google+ or through the sup­port site.