Need your feedback on a workflow idea

Written by sven. Posted in feedback

From the feedback I’ve received I am getting the impression, that the current inbox mode feels like too much overhead for most of you and that it especially overburdens new uPod users. That’s why I have thought a little bit about it and have found an idea of which I think that it would suite both groups of users — those of us who love the inbox concept and those who like a more simple approach as known from other podcast players. I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts and feedback on the following idea.

The inbox would be dismissed. Instead every episode would be delivered to the library directly, but new episodes would be marked as new (like you know it from your e-mail client). The “New” view in the library would then be adjusted to show episodes marked as new and with one tap you could mark them as no longer being new (either for single episodes, episode selection or all episodes).

This sounds very much like the current inbox approach, but here comes the big difference: The new episodes would not only appear in the “New” section, but each episode would also occur in it’s natural place within the library (e.g. the “All” view) but will be explicitly highlighted as new there also.

These are the global options I would like to provide:

  • Show new only in New section: If enabled new episodes will only appear in the “New” section and not in any other places. Enabling this option would effectively bring back some kind of inbox mode.
  • Auto add to playlist: If enabled all new episodes would be added automatically to the playlist.

And the following podcast specific option:

  • Auto add to playlist: If enabled new episodes of this podcast would be added automatically to the playlist.

Please let me know what you think about it either on Twitter, Google+ or through the support site.