Need your Ratings and Suggestions

Written by sven. Posted in help required

I now want to start to promote uPod through well known Android blogs and sites. Therefore it is important to have good ratings at Google play! Unfortunately until now uPod has only a little number (26) of ratings which makes the few 1 to 3 star ratings look more important than I think they are.

That’s why I kindly ask you again to rate uPod at Google play!

Further on I would like to have your suggestions for bloggers and sites I should contact and ask to write something about uPod.

Thanks for your support!

Help to translate uPod to your native Language

Written by sven. Posted in help required

Until today uPod is only available in English language. I have received a lot of requests to translate uPod into other languages. This is something where I am depended on the help from the community — from you! So if you want to make uPod even better and are willing to invest some time, you can do so now: Simply go to the uPod translation page at Crowdin and start to translate.

Based on uPod’s current user statistics I have activated French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish for translation. If you are missing your favorite language please contact me.

I estimate that a complete translation requires about four hours. But Crowdin is a community based translation service, so every translated string helps!