Sync Issues solved

Written by sven. Posted in issues

You may have noticed that dur­ing the last to days you haven’t received any new episodes and that the cross device sync wasn’t work­ing. This was due to an issue with the Google authen­ti­ca­tion on uPod’s serv­er side. In the mean­while I’ve solved this prob­lem sim­ply by updat­ing a Google library. So from now on you should receive new episode noti­fi­ca­tions again. If you are miss­ing some episodes sim­ply per­form a man­u­al sync once.

Fur­ther on those of you who have a lot of pod­cast sub­scrip­tions may have noticed that uPod has become much more sta­ble regard­ing the recog­ni­tion of new episodes. Until this sum­mer uPod missed a lot of pod­cast updates, but now it gets all of them reli­able. Thanks to all of you who point­ed me into the right direc­tion and helped me to solve these issues.