uPod 2.0 brings Chromecast Support

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The latest and hottest release brings two major changes: Support for chromecast and the a new trial model. Lets focus on Chromecast support as I’ve already reported about the new trial model a few days ago.

Chromecast is a top seller and amazon — a tiny little HDMI stick for just about 40 bucks which you plug into your TV’s or AV receiver’s HDMI input port. In conjunction with uPod you can now bring your favorite podcasts to the big screen or to your music system. Once connected to a chromecast stick, you can start and control playback from within uPod. All the great features like storing the playback position still work. So you can start your favorite podcast show on your mobile display in the train and continue playback on your TV at home.

uPod 2.0 also brings some additional tiny nifty features:

  • Option to use »Add to playlist« action as primary action for not downloaded episodes
  • Preview image in video playback view
  • Better playback error handling
  • Lots of bug fixes (including huge fixed memory leak)

Version 1.7

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This release comes packed with productivity features. But first things first: Thanks to Dmitry Kyrov uPod is now available in Russian language!

The next big thing are the new filter sections in the navigation drawer: You can now easily browse unfinished downloaded episodes, audio episodes and video episodes. Not interested in one of them? No problem: Simply hide it in the user interface settings.

Another set of new user interface options allows you to specify which primary episode actions you prefer. The primary action is the one shown as a button on the right of an episode list item. Until now you needed to live with what we decided for you, now you can choose your preferred action (for example “Stream” instead of the “Download” button or “Download” instead of “Add” for new episodes). All actions are still available in the list item’s overflow menu (the three dots).

And even the tiny additional features will make your life easier:

  • confirmation dialog for clearing playback/download list
  • adding multiple selected episodes to playlist adds them ordered ascending by published date

And finally here is a screenshot showing the new filter sections and the stream button as primary action for not-downloaded episodes:
New uPod filter sections

Version 1.6: Immediate Download Queue

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Immediate upload queue

As a loyal uPod user you already know uPod’s download queue: You can easily add episodes to it and uPod will automatically download all episodes as soon as a Wi-FI connection is available. In most cases all this happens automatically, so that you never need to care about downloads.

But sometimes you may want to listen to the newest episode of your favorite podcast even when on the road. In this case you already have the choice of immediately downloading this episode or directly streaming it. This works fine for just one episode, but if you want to download multiple episodes immediately things are getting unhandy.

This is were the new release jumps in which brings the new immediate download queue: Now you can simply tap the download button for multiple episodes and uPod will download them one after another. You can find all queued immediate downloads at the top of the “Download queue” section. You can see that an episode is queued for immediate download due to it’s animated progress bar. For example this post’s screenshot shows one episode downloading and two scheduled for immediate download. For the other episodes in the screenshot the well known download queue rules apply. Simply try it out — it’s simple and intuitive!

Additionally this release allows you to request a rescan of a podcast for new episodes. Normally this isn’t necessary as uPod recognizes new episodes automatically, but in some rare cases uPod misses those updates for example due to faulty RSS. Please only use the new action if you know that new are episodes available for a podcast which are not showing up in uPod.

Easter Special: 50% discount and doubled free Playback Contingent

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The Easter holidays are right in front of us and this does also mean more time for listening/watching your favorite podcasts. That’s why I’ve released version 1.5 which doubles the free playback contingent to four hours per month. And if this still isn’t enough for you, then now is the time to go and get the uPod license: For a limited time it’s available for half the price — at only EUR 1.65.

BTW: Please don’t forget to rate/review uPod if you haven’t done already. At the moment we need each positive rating.

Here is the full list of changes for version 1.5:

  • increased free monthly playback contingent of four hours
  • “My podcasts” now also lists the episodes in your library
  • podcast search view keeps it’s scroll position
  • OPML import natively accepts XML MIME type
  • better episode list performance
  • tons of bug fixes

Version 1.4

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Today I’ve released uPod 1.4. Thanks to Daniel Pluta the latest release brings a Polish translation. Further on it provides new synchronization settings which give you the possibility to better control the sync to — for example — reduce mobile data usage. One of the new options allows you to restrict the sync to Wi-FI connections.

Here is the full change log:

  • Polish translation
  • sync preferences to better control data usage
  • smoother coverart load in lists
  • up navigation for playback screen

Happy listening!

Version 1.2

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Podcast search

The main goal of this new uPod version is to ease starting off with uPod using the new podcast discovery features. But there is also a lot more in it — checkout the full changelist below.


  • discover popular podcasts by category
  • search podcasts
  • episode duration determined during download
  • streaming support for all episodes
  • load 50 episodes at a bunch in ‘My podcasts’
  • load additional episodes when scrolled to bottom in ‘My podcasts’
  • expandable/collapsable podcast description
  • action to add random episode to playlist
  • hide playback bar when playlist is empty
  • changed action icons “mark read” and “mark finished”
  • about dialog

Bug fixes

  • fixed playback error/lost downloads

Version 1.1.5

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I released a small update which fixes an out of memory error and bad device responsiveness when downloading episodes from a podcast wihtout coverart.

Version 1.1

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Version 1.1 has passed the beta phase. Though the version number indicates a smaller update, indeed this is a big one. It’s main purpose is to implement the new workflow as described in the related blog post.

In short: For each episode a “New”-state is now tracked. New episodes are shown with bold font like in an e-mail client. New episodes appear in the “New”-section and — if you want — also everywhere in your library where they naturally belong to. The old “Inbox”-section has been removed.

Further on uPod can now add new episodes automatically to the end of your playlist if you wish it to — this is possible either for all new episodes or you can configure this on a per-subscription basis.

As a bigger visual change you may notice, that uPod now uses a new font for episode and podcast titles on Jelly Bean and above. This condensed font is much smaller and provides better readability for the titles and doesn’t occupy as much space as before.

But the new version also brings a lot more. Here is the full list of changes:


  • Startup configuration wizard
  • Replaced inbox with “new episode” mechanism
  • Global/subscription setting to automatically add episodes to the playlist
  • Global/subscription setting to automatically mark episodes as read (not-new)
  • Mark finished/unfinished action
  • Notification for new episodes
  • Condensed font for episode and podcast titles for better readability
  • show podcast title overlay in tiny podcast grid view for podcasts whithout coverart
  • loading not locally available coverart dynamically from the web
  • Tap and hold an action icon for more info
  • option to select SD card as storage on Android KitKat and above
  • confirmation dialog for changing storage

Bug Fixes

  • fix too long file name issue for episode downloads
  • follow even cross protocol (HTTP -> HTTPS) redirects on download
  • pause downloads when storage isn’t available and resume when it’s back
  • pause downloads when connection is gone instead of marking whole queue as failed
  • fixed white background flash when entering show notes view

Other Changes

  • Reduced free listening contingent to two hours per month (http://upod.mobi/feature/decreasing-free-playback-contingent)

Navigation drawerNew episodes

Version 1.0.3

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This tiny new version changes the naming scheme of the stored audio/video files on your device (including the publish date). This is a preparation for some cleanup on the server, so please update to this version as soon as possible.

Version 1.0.2

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I’ve pushed a small update to Google play! Here are the changes:


  • renamed “Podcasts” section to “My podcasts”
  • a podcast’s episode list in the inbox or the library now contains a button at the bottom of the list that opens the same podcast in the “My podcasts” section to access episodes currently not in the inbox/library.


  • fixed crash occuring during sync on some devices
  • back button on tablet can now close the app