uPod released

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At first I wish all of you a hap­py new year 2014. If you are lazy and don’t know what to do with this day I have good news for you: uPod has been released and is now avail­able at Google play! Have fun!

First Beta Version available

Written by sven. Posted in releases

For all of you who are impa­tient­ly wait­ing to try out uPod and who are will­ing to take a risk, I have good news: The first beta ver­sion of uPod is avail­able right now. Before I tell you how to get it, here’s the oblig­a­tory dis­claimer:

  • The avail­able ver­sion is the first one used by some­one else but me. So you should expect it to be slow as hell, crash in every pos­si­ble sit­u­a­tion and destroy your data.
  • This first beta ver­sion is avail­able for free, but uPod is a com­mer­cial app and so a paid license will be nec­es­sary in the near future, so please don’t be sur­prised.
  • If uPod crash­es on your device, please send a crash report.
  • If you encounter bugs, please report them using the sup­port site.
  • If you would like to see a spe­cial fea­ture please report it/vote for it using the sup­port site.
  • I devel­op uPod in my free time, so please don’t expect an imme­di­ate response to your prob­lems.

Here are the fea­tures avail­able in this first beta ver­sion:

  • audio pod­cast play­back
  • auto­mat­ic, resum­able down­loads
  • drag-and-drop playlist
  • cov­er­art cen­tric user inter­face
  • sync of sub­scrip­tions, playlist and play­back posi­tions between all devices
  • effec­tive inbox work­flow for assort­ing new episodes
  • sup­port for blue­tooth head­sets and head­set con­trols
  • man­ag­ing pod­cast sub­scrip­tions
  • import of sub­scrip­tion lists from OPML files
  • respon­sive lay­out (look­ing nice on phone and tablet in por­trait and land­scape mode)
  • holo design

Here is what’s miss­ing but planned for the (far) future:

  • video play­back
  • vari­able audio play­back speed
  • dis­cov­er new pod­casts
  • OPML export
  • dark theme
  • wid­get

If you are still inter­est­ed then fol­low these instruc­tions to access the beta ver­sion:

  1. become a mem­ber of the uPod Beta Testers Com­mu­ni­ty at Google+
  2. accept the community’s rules
  3. fol­low uPod’s Google play! link pro­vid­ed in the com­mu­ni­ty to install the beta ver­sion
  4. Have fun!