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CCHpdf. Uploaded by Pedro Figueroa Martínez. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. CCH (Inspection Steel Castings for HEPP Machines) – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Inspection Steel Castings for HEPP. CCH 70–2, CCH 70–3. DIN part 1, part 2. EN , EN , EN EN , EN EN , EN , EN EN , (ISO.

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The outline ofthe defect defines the surface S of this defect; the length of the defect is the largest dimensionof the whole defect. The magnetic powder spread over thearea should be made up of a fine 70-33 coating by adequate meansduring magnetization. Every verification is considered adequate ifthe drift noted stay smaller as k 2 dB. The degree of the indication is expressed in equivalent diameter 1.

The Designer decides to either: These processes are not equivalent to each other with 70- to: On this occasion, any useful information shouldbe transmitted to the party concerned. If complementary inspections are decided by such an agreement they will only have an informative value or will be the subjeet of an amendement to the Order.

T0 insure that all orientation discontinuities are detected, it is necessary to use at leasttwo directions of magnetization which should preferably be perpendicular to cc other. The Designer will decide, taking into consideration the degree of solicitation of the area in question as well as the possible evolution of thedefect under Service conditions.

The Squares hatched or cross-hatched in blue, show different cases ofinspection restriction which may occur: The surfaces should bewithout ondulations which could hinder the contact between the probe and the part.


For calibrations only the distances between multiple echoes or between two echoes corresponding to distant reflectors of aknown value may be used and not the distance between the pulse transmission and the first echo.

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CCH – [PDF Document]

CCH June The second edition took into account the accumulated experiences during the first years of use. Cumulation of 2 neighbouring indications 1. Cahier des Charges Hydrauliques. Generally, soaking times will be 10 to 20 minutes. Table I The surfaces are tobe prepared in relationto the acceptance criteria. The valuethus Chosen must be considered as a minimum on the totality of the area inspected. The repartition of the areas subject to the thickness of 70–3 part can be definedaccording to the legend 9.

Minimum penetration soaking time is 10 minutes, but longer penetration timesmay be necessary on polished surfaces, narrowdiscontinuities or at temperaturesbelow 15 “C. But the track was very nice, clean and green.


The excessofpenetrant will be washedofand the Part dried. The choice of the probe depends on various Parameters geometric shape of 770-3 parts, acoustic permeability to ultrasound, type of dePects sought.

The Squares with cross-hatched shading indicate that the type of inspection in question is very difficult or virtually impossible on the areas concerned because of limited-accessibility,incompatibility of shape and method or other reasons; Squares with single hatched shading represent unusual inspections due to diverse circumstances. In the absenceof specific indications, a Standard longitudinal wave probe will be used.

Nevertheless, it shouldbe noted that the appearance ofan indication On a test piece is not a sufficient elementto judge the state of magnetization of the cc piece. Thick coats of developer are unacceptable. I did not get a good start with the swimming, but was the best in cycling and running.


The Designer will not be allowed to impose more severe conditions to the Founder and the Manufacturer than the ones he has accepted himself.

The eddy currentsmaintain the magnetic fluxon the surface; slightly sub-surface discontinuities or discontinuities connected to the surface are detected very well regardless of the shape of the part. One can use either of the following two longitudinal wave probes: We are xch non-profit group that run this website to share documents. It is recommendedthat the Designer includes one copy of the CCH in the technicalfile handed to the Powerplant upon delivery of the machine. Thenany traces of dust or greasehave to be eliminated fromthe surface by means of a solvent orby means of steamed water under pressure.

Any existing certified qualifications corresponding to the criteria defined will not be renewed.

CCH EN – Free Download PDF

These criteria only apply to 4ndications to be confirmed, according to the present specification. Theproducts used must meet the requirements of National legislation with regard to the environment.

Ifthe investigated sutface is notrelatively flat, determining the real surface of the defectivearea may require a Sketch. Usually, contracts fkx hydraulic machines require a guarantee covering a certain period of exploitation, after provisional reception of the installation, i. As a reference, cfh above example contains8 indications, 3 of which aren’t taken into account.