Prędzej czy później musisz poznać czasowniki złożone w języku angielskim. Phrasal Verbs “frejzale” z nami to przyjemność. Nauka online z ćwiczeniami. Szczegóły: Nadrzędna kategoria: Nauka słówek angielskich: Kategoria: Angielskie phrasal verbs – czasowniki frazowe. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to. get away. Szczegóły: Nadrzędna kategoria: Nauka słówek angielskich: Kategoria : Angielskie phrasal verbs – czasowniki frazowe. AddThis Sharing Buttons.

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I could hear her banging around in her room. The man was blown down by the wind. Pole wymagane Niepoprawny adres e-mail. She blurted out all our secrets. czasoniki

We were taken aback by the stupid look on his face. After a long discussion we finally manged to arrive at an agreement. Program allows for treatment of parents.

What makes your child act up? Reporters banged away at the president during the press conference. Susan is down with flu.

50 najpopularniejszych phrasal verbs |

They will be in soon. She’s been buzzing around trying to find the book. Bank into -To czasownioi into. I bent down to tie my shoe. Her allergies acted up again. Barge in into -Enter a place and interrupt: She’s been snowed under this paperwork for weeks. Could you please back up your car?


We angieslki down at What are the kids up to this time? He backed down as soon as he relized he was wrong. You can bank on it. Oferta dla stron WWW.

Egzamin ósmoklasisty z angielskiego

She has been bashing away at her assignment all day. The party guests acted out stories for one another. You can’t back out now. The TV is on. Tom asked Mary out. I asked around if anyone knew where the train station was.

What are you aiming at? Mary bloked in the shade of the city. We booked into the hotel in the morning. The radio is off. The TV is acting up again. She was taken with my charming smile.

Kategoria:phrasal verbs – Wikisłownik, wolny słownik wielojęzyczny

Pobierz w formacie PDF. We bogged down in a number of problems. I’m out of money, yet still happy.

We backed up our system just in case. Power shortages were the cause of the black out in the city. I bend fraziwe backwards for you and you don’t appricate it. Blow over – When a scandal gets forgotten; Our argument blow over rather fast.


Ta funkcja wymaga zalogowania. Please, stop writing and put away your pens. Some aspects of the story didn’t add up. Blow out – Extinguish candles, matches: The guy bashed the door down and enter the bar. Icouldn’t account for what I was doing yesterday. The whole office was buzzing with rumours about their affair. They bashed czaaowniki the speaker for the remarks he made.

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