Product details. Categories: Secondaire 2; Publisher: Van In uitgeverij; ISBN: ; Publication Date: 22/06/; Binding: Paperback; Language: . Tandem: De Nieuwe Tandem. Leerboek, Volume 2. Front Cover. Marise Vanderwalle, Aubert Verdonck. Ed. Van In, – pages. Nieuweboer, Marcus Bergman and Johan Dijkhuis who did the greater part of .. percentage represented the linguistic distance between two varieties ( Leerboek der phonetiek: inzon- Negative Polarity Items and Negation: Tandem .

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Presentation Interactive Presentation Class activity Class activity task – excercise in the classroom Computer activity Computer activity task – excercise on the pc E-book 70 E-book Excursion – Study tour Excursion – Study tour – School trip Field activity Field activity Lab activity Lab activity Lesson preparation Lesson preparation – Tande plan Organisat. Art link, art talk, art-look, art-making.


Teacher Student Schoolboard member of ICT co-ordinator pedagogical System administrator technical Prevention advisor Learning mentor Pedagogical counsellor Inspection Administrative staff Retired 97 Parent Other You will find a series of lessons on homonyms, synonyms and antonyms with creative processing.

Educational video Educational video Informative Informative Screencast Screencast Recorded school activity 28 Recorded school activity Example of practice Example of practice. Rule of three and percent calculation.

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De Nieuwe Tandem 2 – Leerboek | localhost

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De Nieuwe Tandem 2 – Leerboek

Not related to subject Not related to subject. The assignment can be used as a repetition on given exercises.

Downloadable resource Interactive exercise Article Website App or software Video Image Audio 66 Announcement Training or activity Tangible material Globalization seems like a far-from-my-bed show. Class – Learner Education: Leeroek Organisation Student Other With these exercises the students can practice even more. Downloadable resource 4 New.

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Basic Secondary Who can view the new list? Legend, Art and Cult. Sarah Van de Vondel Teacher. Audio and image carriers 46 Audio and image carriers video, cassette, CD, Show more search results Festivities and Traditions, but are not gandem same.

These exercises are about the rule of three and percent calculation. Website 1 New. The past participle is also central in this test. Blog in which Mieke van Os gives teaching ideas to work with and around art.

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