Doumbek Rhythm Cheat Sheet. Uploaded by Carmine T. Guida. This is a rhythm sheet I used to give out in classes. Please feel free to share this as much as you. Dumbek rhythms are a collection of rhythms that are usually played with hand drums such as the dumbek. These rhythms are various combinations of these. Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Music Rhythms: Diagrams and Performance Aids .. and rolls. Darbuka Belly doumbek solo with a frame drum back up.

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Here are some rhythms from Yemen that are traditional. This version, more correctly called Masmoudi Saghir Small Masmoudi is perhaps the most rhgthms Beledi rhythm.

Traditionally used for the Tahtib and cane dance. T k Karsilama description Mariah dances and zills to a Turkish Karsilama. That does not mean by any measure that the music is simple.

Guy uses the non-dominant hand for both tak and ka sounds. I loved vari Zembekiko and Tsamiko vari – heavy: Short, simple and clear video, posted by Salah Said but probably by Karim Nagi.

Most of the rhythms shown below are shown in simple non-filled form and then various ways to fill the rhythm are shown. It is used doummbek a slow form for a tribal north African Egyptian trance dance known as the Zar the rhythm is sometimes called “Zar” — toward the west Morocco these same sorts of trance dances are generally done to a 6 beat rhythm.

More of the same but in full costume. As each successive Tek strikes the head, you draw the secondary hand up, across the head, towards the primary hand, causing the timber of the Tek to go up. Please don’t e-mail me asking me to send you tapes or instructional resources — what I dpumbek is here in these web pages — at the moment I don’t have instructional tapes or videos of my own. This may be the effect of a “modernization” dumbek Andalusian music.


Darbuka Belly doumbek solo with a frame drum back up. Rhythms Corner rhyhtms a generous description of the essential Arabic rhythms. An Egyptian or Lebanese drummer usually has to approximate the way an Iraqi or Khaliji rhythm is played because the rhythms in southern Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula countries are polyrhythmic: Aksak Semai rhythm by Eastern Expressions on Youtube.

I have also recieved many messages from folk who have visited this page and have incorporated some of the suggestions. Morocco, You Asked Aunt Rocky: How do I re-head my drum?

Dumbek rhythms

Aqsaq Afrangi 9×8 video. The Arabic and Mediterranean music tradition tends to be based on the soloist or small ensemble — a natural outgrowth of folk groups and a nomadic bard tradition. Eva Cernika long-time famous advocate of Turkish and Turkish Romany style.

Eastern Expressions Maqsum play-alongaudio, no visual. It may also be called “Murrabba Jaza’ira”. The rhythm shapes the music with a distinct ‘swing’ which is often as prominent as the melody, and which sometimes changes phrase-by-phrase.

To understand how to read the timing chart, simply follow the example below and chant the phrase as shown:. Or possibly “waaHida wa noSS” half wahida — possibly because it at least theoretically derives from the simple form of the first half of “waaHida”.

Quick and Dirty Guide to the Doumbek

Used in modern Egyptian compositions. The secondary hand starts out at the bottom of the head, with the ‘knife edge’ of the hand pressing down on the head. And don’t say I didn’t warn you — he’s hard to read — rhytmhs because he is a bad writer, but because his books are academic and full of facts and rather complex arguments attempting to reconstruct a lot of Arabic musical history and theory.


The “Risaala” also mentions seven of the same rhythms and adds another. Spanish fusion guitar with arabic drum.

Dumbek rhythms – Wikipedia

The skill of the player is judged by how well he or she plays the piece in its essence how it fits the basic rhythm, in the case of percussion and how the piece is varied eoumbek the use of dynamic, syncopation, accent, and rhythmic variation Dum and Tek D and T.

It’s like the blues of Greek dancing. Sahal Said plays what must be the Egyptian style, very filled in and less syncopated. This family of rhythms it’s ancestors and variations were probably brought to Spain by Middle Eastern musicians and gypsies?

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Music Rhythms: Diagrams and Performance Aids

I have included the timing for each bridge sequence to assist in the correct placement of the bridge within the rhythm pattern. The gradations of sound and tone come with practice and interest. Karsilama means “face-to-face” in Turkish.