Includes: Draganflyer X6 Folding Airframe including 6 brushless motors,6 carbon fibre quick-release propellers, main circuit board, and landing gear. Standard. Draganfly Innovations has launched the Draganflyer X6 helicopter, a miniature aircraft for commercial/industrial aerial video and photography. Video: DraganFlyer X6 remote-control helicopter is £21, of aerial joy. What has six rotors, an on-board GPS unit, touchscreen handheld.

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Draganfly Innovations creates quality, cutting-edge unmanned vehicle systems and software that revolutionize the way people do business. CNET’s best helicoptre Using UAVs and automated data collection, researchers and law enforcement are able to recreate and essentially preserve crime scenes so they can be measured and observed without disturbing the area.

Product details Manufacturer reference: Visit the Help Desk. This awesome little radio controlled helicopter has three pairs of rotors and is heaped with sensors to assist stable flight. Everything you need to get flying This is a high quality Ready-to-Fly system designed and built in North America, constructed from Carbon Fiber and injection molded plastic.

A stealth flying camera

With its global partners, Dejero supplies the equipment, software, connectivity services, cloud services, and support to provide the uptime and bandwidth critical to the success of today’s organizations.

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Please try your search again later. Providing our customers the ability to use one controller to operate all of their Draganfly drones creates ease and reduces costs. The DraganScout is ideal for public safety use, including bomb drahanflyer and tactical situations, as well as a variety of industrial inspections. The controller wears glasses, which display a live feed of what is recorded by the camera. Not for children under 3 yrs.


Draganflyer X6 UAV RC Helicopter Introduced

About Dejero Driven by its vision of reliable connectivity anywhere, Dejero blends multiple Internet connections to deliver fast and dependable connectivity required for cloud computing, online collaboration, and the secure exchange of video and data. Would you like to contribute a story tip? This high endurance, multi-battery small Unmanned Aerial System sUAS is capable of carrying a wide array belicopter payloads and is ideal for tactical operations, search and rescue, agriculture, industrial inspection, surveying and mapping, and aerial 3D modeling.

Unlike conventional remotely operated helicopters, the Draganflyer X6 will hwlicopter stably even with the pilot’s hands removed from the controls. About Draganfly Draganfly Innovations creates quality, cutting-edge unmanned vehicle systems and software that revolutionize the way people do business.

Retrieved 7 November Homepage News 13 October You will receive an email confirmation link to activate your subscription. Dejero’s highly versatile EnGo mobile transmitter will be instrumental in reliably providing high-quality live video from Draganfly’s Commander, which will in turn allow Draganfly to elevate its offering.

Control is via a hardcore radio controller and you can have draagnflyer master and slave unit, letting you control flight with one and the camera with another, although you could do it all from one. The drone is in use in the United States by law enforcement.

It can be piloted by users with minimal or zero training. It will also facilitate Dejero in reaching new industries and applications, providing real-time dragaanflyer video transport over IP to the military, public safety, and government sectors that Draganfly has traditionally operated in.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. An unmanned tiny helicopter rigged with a camera holder to take wireless video, photos from above. Further, the addition of the Tango2 fixed-wing and DraganScout ground-based robot rounds out our portfolio by having all aspects of an operation covered. Unmanned aerial vehicles Mass surveillance Aircraft first flown in Best camera deals for January Best of What’s New awards are presented each year to the top products in 11 categories.


Bringing our technology and expertise together will ensure that our solutions develop faster and go further to serve our customers,” concluded Fernandes. It didn’t take long to put the project to the test. Draganflyer X6 Helicopter Aimed at industrial and commercial use, it provides reconnaissance and inspection information using on-board wireless video and still cameras. Related News Stories – ” Surveillance “. This mode will allow the user to focus on other tasks such as aerial photography from the Draganflyer X6 helicopter.

Draganflyer X6 Folding Airframe including 6 brushless motors,6 d6 fibre quick-release propellers, main circuit draganflyeg, and landing gear.

Draganflyer X6 – Wikipedia

The best GoPro photos in the world, prepare to lose your breath. The unique design utilizes six hellcopter horizontal rotor blades and allows the Draganflyer X6 helicopter to hover efficiently and maneuver rapidly using differential thrust. High quality data, where it matters most. Yelicopter CEO, Cameron Chell, said of the announcement, “These products signify Draganfly’s continued leadership in the commercial space.

Wound Healing With Wearable Nanogenerators ‘ There is nothing that drganflyer me more about the surveillance society than the idea that sweaty little men will be stuck in small rooms squinting at grainy low-resolution spy footage. Recognized as being at the forefront of technology for over 19 years, Draganfly is an award-winning, industry-leading manufacturer within the commercial UAV space, serving the public safety, agriculture, industrial inspections, and mapping and surveying markets.

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