Two lenses, two HiRes image sensors, internal MicroSD storage and a dual image of over 12 megapixels make the D16 DualDome an efficient security solution. MOBOTIX today released the new MOBOTIX D14 DualDome Camera, a weatherproof and shock-resistant megapixel surveillance camera. ISC Solutions booth – The new weatherproof and shock-resistant MOBOTIX D14 DualDome camera with 6,2 megapixels is a more.

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Free image dualddome selection, e. For example, if the camera receives a blow to dusldome housing, it can simultaneously take a video of the offender, trigger a sound alarm and notify the security company by a call. Low installation costs Heating and cooling are not necessary. Posted in Product NewsSurveillance. Plug n Play Technologies. Two different areas can be secured with just one camera. Even after you have purchased and installed the D14, you can simply install a free update of the D14 software to improve the panorama image quality and take full advantage of the new shock detector function.

MOBOTIX DualDome D14 Camera

A single D16 is all that is required to fully monitor an entire shop floor and provide a view of the checkout. From onwards, MOBOTIX continues to extend its product range to include intelligent home automation products that are developed in-house. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Statement. Cancel Add to wishlist. Recording for weeks integrated The D14 includes motion detection that can trigger both the recording as well as the alarm notification via email or VoIP call as a two-way communication.

This makes it possible to cover one side of a building and the adjacent areas parking lots, lawns etc. Seeing more is just not possible. In 1d4, either the MxCC Control Center software, which is used for larger projects of up to 1, cameras, or the easily-manageable MxEasy software for smaller applications with analyzing, administration and display dyaldome are available free of charge.


Visit our other division: The complete software with recording and playback functions is included in the D14 and can be accessed using a web browser.

Available as an accessory, the steel housing resists tough attacks, and the camera delivers a perfect image of the attacker. A stainless steel vandalism-proof design with 3 mm polycarbonate dome and elegant wall and pole mounts is also available. Click Here To Download: The D16 also delivers fascinating fualdome as a high-quality webcam.

Integrated microphone and speaker, lip-synchronous audio, two-way speaker, audio recording Interfaces: Two lenses, two HiRes image sensors, up to 64 GB internal storage and a dual image of maximum 6 megapixels make the D14D DualDome an efficient security solution: Robustness The All-Purpose Camera Thanks to its robust design, the D16 can dualsome installed on walls or ceilings in both indoor and outdoor areas without any additional accessories.

The generation and evaluation of two images with a high degree of image detail reduces the number of cameras required, and therefore reduces costs xualdome to wiring complexity, power backup and recording devices as well.

MOBOTIX launches 6.2 megapixel weatherproof D14 DualDome camera

DualDome D14 One camera, two lenses. You can secure two different areas with just one camera, for example. Integrated microphone and speaker, lip-synchronous audio, two-way speaker, audio recording. With the two separately adjustable camera modules, each with 3. We will work with you to identify the exact CCTV package most suitable for you.

Backlight compensation, automatic white balance, image distortion correction, video sensor motion detection Virtual PTZ: We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Microphone and speaker are supported by new audio functions that include echo elimination. The publicly-traded company with its headquarters in Langmeil, Germany, is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology since its founding inand has made high-resolution video systems cost-efficient with its decentralized camera concept.

MOBOTIX Tinted Dome for D14 DualDome Camera MX-DOPT-DCS B&H

As a result, the very low power consumption of about 4 watts via network cable PoE reduces investment and operating costs and provides an inexpensive backup. D16 DualDome One Camera. Over one-hundred thousand MOBOTIX video systems are in operation worldwide in embassies, airports, dualdoje stations, ports, gas stations, hotels, and on highways.


dualdomd You must be logged in to post a comment. If needed, the memory can be extended to terabytes with an external NAS drive. The company focuses on the development of user- friendly system solutions — complete from a single provider.

Get the latest articles from VAR Insights delivered to your inbox. Once installed, each lens can be individually fixed in any position. You can secure two different areas with just one camera, for example. We can install a vast range of products that will meet your requirement from basic observation dhaldome to fully integrated packages with remote monitoring.

The new, more powerful processor in the camera allows higher frame rates of up to cualdome megapixel image format. The D14 has a digital PTZ and no mechanical moving parts. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Due to the extremely wide range of combination options, the D16 sensor modules day or night sensor, including sharply focused lens are ordered separately and can then be mounted to the camera housing in just a few steps. This way, the day lens always covers the identical area of the night lens — without the need dualdmoe make millimeter-accurate adjustments or run the risk of accidentally changing the dualdom of the lens.

All without vulnerable mechanical components! Thanks to its robust design, the D16 can be installed on walls or ceilings in both indoor and outdoor areas without any additional accessories.