Class lecture notes for third Year,sixth semester Antennas & Wave Propagation ( Subject Code: EC) is available here in PDF,DOC. NOTES: (1) When thedirection is not stated, the power gain is usually taken to be thepower gain in the direction of its maximum value. (2) Power gain does not. Department: ECE Subject Code: EC Subject Name: Antenna and Wave Propagation Type: Lecture Notes Edition Details: NPR Edition.

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Differentiate antenna bandwidth and beam width. How the secondary lobes are eliminated? Mention the radiation and Induction field component for a small current element.

What is primary radiation and secondary radiation as applicable to parabolic reflector? Write short notes on Oblique incidence measurement of the ionosphere. Calculate the directivity of an Isotropic antenna.

How does a parabolic reflector provide very high gain? List the applications of Helical antenna.

antennas and wave propagation subject code: ec

Define effective length of an antenna. Define Fading and Mention its types Determine the antenna efficiency and its directivity. Derive an expression for the far field component of a half wave dipole of an antenna.


Explain the Structure of Atmosphere 4. What is effectiveness ratio? Draw the structure of Log- periodic antenna. Explain the array of N- sources of equal amplitude and spacing- End fire case i Direction of pattern maxima ii. Product Data Sheet – Panorama Antennas.

Describe briefly about Polarization measurements. Define Sun Spot Cycle Explain Ground Wave Propagation in detail 3. End fire array iii. Explain the reciprocity theorem in detail. Explain briefly about Ionospheric abnormalities What is a uniform linear array?

antennas and wave propagation subject code: ec2353

What is collinear array? What is an array and mention the various forms of antenna arrays? Determine the gain and beam width for a parabolic antenna with 10M-diameter dish and dipole feed at 10GHz. Write note on radiation pattern.

Write short notes on D region What is a smart antenna? What is the reason for using Yagi antenna ontes TV broadcast reception?

State reciprocity theorem and briefly explain it. What are the different modes of operation that can be used in Helical antenna? Define Antenna Aperture Efficiency. Distinguish between sectorial and pyramidal Horn antenna. Give the relation between Vertical and Oblique incidence transmission.

Derive the expression for the far field pattern of an array of 2 — isotropic point sources i Equal amplitude and phase ii Equal amplitude and opposite phase iii Notws amplitude and any phase 3.


Define Vertical Incidence measurement. Describe the methods for measuring the gain and beam width of antenna.

Define beam solid angle and sc2353 beam efficiency. Define Gain of antenna. Distinguish between standing wave antenna and TWA? What are Whistlers Calculate a maximum effective aperture of a half wave dipole. Find out the radiation resistance of a? What do you understand by Multi hop Propagation?

How much current does an antenna draw when radiating W and is having a radiation resistance of Ohms. At what distance in?

Calculate the maximum effective aperture of a microwave antenna which has a directivity of Science Health Science Radiology antennas and wave propagation subject code: Mention the antennas used in medium frequency range. An antenna has a radiation resistance of 72 Ohms, a loss resistance of 8 Ohms and a power gain of 12dB. Calculate the radiation resistance of short dipole.