The Elysian Drop Troops are Imperial Guard Regiments known for their rapid deployment capabilities, often deploying by rappelling or grav-chutes from Valkyrie. Photos of my Elysians from D Elysian Drop Troops D Collection by Joel Davies. Photos of my Elysians from D Board owner. Follow. Joel Davies. Hi guys, well ive finally finished my D99 elysian drop troop command squad. One of the guys has a melta gun, i decided to have a try at the olde.

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For it had been a week or more since last a ‘chute had failed. He thought about the girl back elysan, the one he left behind. Yep, even their vehicles can take flyers as transports. Despite their specialized method of warfare Elysian Drop Troop regiments largely follow the organization guidelines as laid down in the Tactica Imperialis. Interestingly, c99 you were playing a large game you could potentially fit the entirety of D on the Tabletop without going ridiculously high in points, since what’s left of them is just an over-strength company somewhere over 6 Infantry Platoonsthough in a few cases this actually is factored into a few of their unit entries.

Elysian Drop Troops use elysain deployment tactics to throw troops straight into or more often, behind enemy lines.

Elysian Drop Troops wear the PT jump suit, a reinforced coverall made of rugged synthi-canvas. While the majority were quickly claimed for the Margin Crusade, a few were diverted to support the Spinward Front. Instead, Elysian Drop Troop regiments are better suited to surprise attacks, ambushes, and guerrilla warfare once they’ve landed, relying on mobility to continue elysan fight. Due to their nature drop regiments do not use the heavy vehicles of other Imperial Guard units and are restricted to whatever their transports can carry.

The fuel lines swung around his neck, the generator cracked his dome. It was later revealed that their elite squads are not even their own soldiers, but Tempestus Scions sent to babysit the regiment, which kind of takes away from their overall badassness.


He thought about the chirurgeons and wondered what they’d find. If anyone could help me out that would be great. D99 troopers are all hardened veterans.

Retrieved from ” http: Commissarial advisers will also accompany the regiment into battle and provide inspiration for the troops as needed. The Elysian System and the surrounding elysizn were notorious havens for human and Eldar pirates, as Elysia lay on a major trade route through its sector and its star system was characterised by numerous asteroid fields eysian dense gas clouds that served as highly effective camouflage for pirate vessels waiting to raid passing Imperial commerce.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/D-99(7E)

Additional elbow and knee pads are worn by most troopers, providing extra protection on landing and in combat, though some veterans will disregard them after landing to save on weight. They also comprise an unusually high number of elite Storm Trooper companies within their unit organisations.

Dec 7 Because grimdarkthat’s why.

Like the Elysians themselves, Elyssian Scions specialise in covert operations and grav-chute deployment, and Scions will often spearhead assaults, working together to complete their objectives. Being drop troops, Elysians lack many of the heavy weapons needed to defeat the enemies heaviest equipment and eljsian. Elysian regiments are also closely supported by the Imperial Navywith their fighter wings providing air cover for Valkyrie squadrons or softening up enemy positions with air attacks or even orbital bombardment.

Elysian Drop Troopers deploy directly into a combat zone on Kastorel Novem. Community Forum Discord Server.

The Elysian Drop Troops are Imperial Guard Regiments known for their rapid deployment capabilities, often deploying by rappelling or grav-chutes from Valkyrie Airborne Troop Carriers at high altitudes.

With 7th edition, these guys are made both better and worse, they have no Psykers though since they’re an Inquisition task force the obvious solution is to ally in Inquisitors and no heavy armour of any kind ally them in but what they do offer, is the most effective mobile force in the game and if they’re properly supported they can wreck armies many times their size and even several points above them.

The inquistor and D99 have all their support cut off and their ship leaves. Personal tools Log in Request account.


Ballarat, Vic Member No.: They are used to monitor enemy movements and positions, as well as providing targeting data to ground forces and air crews. They’re a very specialized force that must be used precisely like a scalpel.

The actual reason behind this is actually simple: Elysian Drop Troops are the airborne assault infantry regiments of the Astra Militarum who are recruited from the verdant world of Elysia in the Segmentum Solar30 light years from the world of Armageddon. The Elysian drop regiments are completely volunteer and require at least one full tour of duty in the standard Elysian PDF.

Elysian Drop Troops

The Elysians, on the other-hand, always accomplish their missions and then get killed to a man due to not receiving reinforcements in time. Casualties will often be high for Elysian Regiments as a result of this strategy, but that is the price Drop Troop Regiments pay for their extreme mobility.

The guardsman’s company number will feature on the right shoulder-pad. But some worlds, due to their particular cultural or environmental circumstances, produce more specialised and elite regiments.

D99, Elysian, Navy, Pirates, Renegade – Asgards Aces Team Bravo – Gallery – DakkaDakka

The Elysia system and surrounding wilderness space is notorious for its marauding Elysiaj warbands and piratesas a main trade route through the sector elywian through Elysia, and the system’s many swirling gas clouds and hundreds of asteroid fields provide perfect ambush sites. Note their is a postscript that amounts to the other inqusitors expressing satisfaction at how well D99 did in their testing and perhaps other units could be developed along similar lines as successful tyranid fighters.

Such is a life of space paratrooper. These canisters are also known as ‘coffins’, not least because they are large enough to serve this purpose after battle. However not all regiments will be able to equip each company with their own aircraft.