Network Infrastructure for EtherNet/IP: Introduction and. Document Reference Number: ENET-TDA-EN-P http://literature. pdf . Availability: Whenever possible, most network designs are built .

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Embedded Switch Technology Reference Architectures Reference

No additional switches are required. Linear topologies can be connected directly to the switch. We do not recommend using device-level topologies as the backbone of the network. This topology also lets you connect multiple, device-level topologies to the same IES switch.

Embedded Switch Technology Reference Architectures Reference

The packet loss does not occur between devices on a device-level topology. It is possible under rare circumstances or misconfiguration that the supervisor will fail but traffic will continue to flow.

Considerations for Resiliency Protocols. If the ring closed before the supervisor is enabled, a bridge loop results, which generates a broadcast storm. These protocols can potentially cause other interruptions.

If the supervisor detects a fault in the network it unblocks port two until the fault is corrected. This topology can also provide a false sense of security in that it does not filter CIP traffic between the IES switch topology and the device-level topology. This test verifies that a disruption to the switch ring has no impact on the DLR topology.

An interface in the err-disable state will attempt to clear the error condition every 30 seconds. Again, when the switch leaves the err-disable state it will send a few BPDUs to ensure a loop free topology.

Outside United States Please contact your local Rockwell Automation representative for the return procedure. Linear Network A linear network is a collection of devices that are daisy-chained together.

MSTP Ring Redundant star Any communication from a device-level topology to a switch topology has the potential for packet loss. Any timeouts or faults on the controllers are counted as a timeouts in the test results. Those devices either have an embedded switch or use an ETAP to connect to the topology. Reproduction of the contents of this manual, in whole or in part, without written permission of Rockwell Automation, Inc.


Mixed Embedded Switch and Single-port Technology.

Supervisor The DLR ring supervisor maintains a loop-free topology by blocking port 2 of the embedded-switch device. In eent test topology, failing port 1 of the supervisor forces all traffic into and tc001 of the ring to failover to port 2. If the back-up supervisor does eet hear the supervisor for a period of time, it assumes the supervisor failed and takes over the supervisor role. You must provide a Customer Support case number call the phone number above to obtain one to your distributor to complete the return process.

DLR break supervisor tv001 1 This test measures timeouts in the DLR topology due to port 1 of the supervisor experiencing 10 software shutdowns and 10 physical disconnections. Switch redundant star This test measures timeouts in the DLR topology due to 10 software shutdowns and 10 physical disconnections in the redundant star topology. During normal operation all local ring traffic is flowing through this port. A loop will exist in the network for as long as 4 ms during this test.

This creates an unblocked, bridge loop in the DLR ring.

In the case of DLR, the supervisor with the highest precedence value will become the active supervisor on the network. Ts001 Manual Embedded Switch Technology Reference Architectures Important User Information Solid-state equipment has operational characteristics differing from those of electromechanical equipment.

If these BPDU packets make it across the embedded switch network, BPDU Guard will force the neighboring switches to err-disable their interface that connects to the two-port topology.


Identifies information about practices or circumstances that can lead to personal injury or death, property damage, or economic loss. With embedded switch technology, IACS end-devices can be directly connected to each other without the need for additional IES switches.

This model uses a multi-tier, switch topology to provide the following: The tests use a traffic generator ixia traffic simulator to measure network recovery performance for both unicast and multicast traffic. This test verifies the detection of a failed supervisor. You can also achieve the same effect with subnet and VLAN design.

It is important to remember to enable a ring supervisor before closing the DLR ring. Allen-Bradley devices with embedded switch technology have these features in common: We do not recommend connecting device-level topologies directly to Em 3 distribution switches. Back-up supervisor nodes and ring nodes monitor the beacon frames to track ring transitions between Normal all links are working and Faulted the ring is broken in at least one place states.

To avoid this, configure enett secondary supervisor in the ring. Table of Contents Preface Switch Topology. The disadvantage of this topology is that it may require direct connection to the device-level topology for maintenance operations of non-CIP devices, such as diagnostics and configuration. The switch continues to classify and internally mark traffic based on the service policy. It is important to note that the ring fault recovery time assumes the length of the links is m or less.